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Kansas astronaut Nick Hague returns to state to talk about his time in space

A young Nick Hague once looked up toward the sky from his hometown in Hoxie, Kansas, and dreamt of visiting the stars and seeing what he could discover. "Who doesn't grow up in western Kansas and stare up at the night sky?" Hague said. "You can see so much, and you look up, and you're like, hey, I want to figure out what's out there — go discover what's unknown." ...
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Kansas-born astronaut Nick Hague to speak in Hutchinson

Dillon Lecture Series' second lecture for 2022 at the Hutchinson Sports Arena. The Dillon Lecture Series Committee invited Hague as the series' 162 speaker. He is the fifth astronaut to speak at the series. Other astronauts include Wally Schirra and Scott Kelly, but Hague is the first astronaut from Kansas to speak.
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FREE: Kansas Aviation Museum special event with NASA astronaut and Space Force Colonel Nick Hague

Kansas native, NASA astronaut, and Space Force officer Nick Hague will be speaking at a special FREE event at Kansas Aviation Museum Monday, April 4, 2022. Col. Hague will speak about his time aboard the International Space Station in 2019 where he orbited Earth over 2,000 times, did over 19 hours of space walks, and spent over 200 days in space.

Astronaut Nick Hague connects with students virtually

Imagine using a mechanical arm to reach out and grab a small school bus while floating above the Earth. Space Force colonel and NASA astronaut Nick Hague told Scottsbluff students about his experiencing grabbing a cargo vehicle, roughly the size of a small school bus, that Space X launched full of cargo, experiments and food during one of his space missions.

WATCH NOW: Westmoor to host NASA astronaut Nick Hague

Ground control to Westmoor Elementary School, the eagle has landed. On April 14, Westmoor Elementary School will play host to NASA Astronaut Nick Hague via virtual means. “It’s a pretty big deal to do this,” Westmoor Principal Bert Wright told the Star-Herald. Wright said his school is preparing to host...