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Nick Gage Ruins Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green's Wedding Vow Renewal at GCW Homecoming

Matt Cardona (dressed in his finest Randy Savage outfit) and Chelsea Green attempted to renew their vows during the second day of the GCW Homecoming event on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the segment to get ruined by various GCW stars. First Jimmy Lloyd showed up as the ring bearer but couldn't find the rings. Then Allie Katch arrived with a gift for Cardona, which turned out to be off-brand Rogaine. Finally, after the two had seemingly finished the ceremony, Nick Gage's music hit.
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Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage in Title vs. Career Match Announced

On Saturday’s first night of GCW Homecoming, Jon Moxley defeated EFFY. He demanded real competition after the match. Out walked Nick Gage. Gage admitted that he wasn’t certain how long his career will last. He mentioned that he wanted to succeed Moxley as the champion, and Moxley agreed.
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Nick Gage Is Training For His Return, Doesn’t Know When His Next Match Is

Nick Gage has been out of action since GCW’s WrestleMania weekend shows, and while he’s training for a potential return he doesn’t know when it will be. The GCW star, who has been largely away from the ring since Joey Janela’s Spring Break on March 31st, spoke with Rewind Recap Relive for a new interview and gave an update on his future. You can check out the highlights below, per Fightful:

Nick Gage Thinks Recent AEW Barbed Wire Match 'Sucked'

Nick Gage has revealed his honest thoughts about the recent Barbed Wire Everywhere Death Match on AEW. Gage said that he absolutely loves deathmatch wrestling. He said that he is fascinated with the idea of a wrestler getting to a point of asking themselves whether or not you're going to quit or keep fighting and that was what made him fall in love with the style. "It's passion, and I love it," Gage said while speaking with "Rewind, Recap, Relive." "I feel like I'm the king, I'm the God of this, so I want to back that up, so I will face anybody, anywhere, anytime. I love that 'me vs. another man,' and who can take the most pain."

Nick Gage Thinks AEW’s ‘Barbed Wire Everywhere’ Match ‘Sucked’

In an interview with Rewind, Recap, Relive (via Fightful, GCW star Nick Gage got very candid about his thoughts on AEW’s ‘Barbed Wire Everywhere’ match between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston. According to Gage, the match sucked. He said: “Let’s keep it real. Jericho and me in...

Nick Gage Plans To Invade Ric Flair’s Last Match Event Due To Lack Of GCW Involvement

As noted, Ric Flair’s Last Match will take place on Sunday at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, with Flair and Andrade El Idolo vs. Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal and a host of other matches set for the event. However, GCW is not scheduled to be represented on the show, and Nick Gage has expressed his frustration.

Nick Gage to Appear At GCW Shows in August

Nick Gage is set to appear at two GCW events next month. The company announced on Friday that Gage, who has been away since competing at Joey Janela’s Spring Break on March 31st, will appear at GCW Sanctified on August 19th and GCW Hope 2 Die on August 20th.

GCW’s Nick Gage Hints At Impending In-Ring Retirement?

GCW legend Nick Gage took to social media earlier this week and left some fans questioning what his future holds in pro wrestling. “I don’t know how much I got left, I’m just being honest, but I know I’m not done yet. I’ll fight ’til I’m dead. MDK”

Nick Gage Says He’s Not Done Yet In the Ring

Nick Gage hasn’t been very active in 2022 to date, but he says he isn’t ready to hang up the boots just yet. Gage, who has only worked a handful of matches so far this year and isn’t currently set for any scheduled GCW shows, posted to Twitter to give an update on his future.

GCW Wrestler Nick Gage Provides An Update On His Status

GCW wrestler Nick Gage hasn’t been seen much in 2022 so far, but he says he has no plans to hang up his boots just yet. Gage, who isn’t currently being advertised for any upcoming GCW shows, took to Twitter on Friday and wrote the following,. “I dont...

Matt Cardona on His GCW Deathmatch Feud With Nick Gage

– Matt Cardona was the guest on today’s edition of Wrestling With Freddie, and he discussed his deathmatch feud with Nick Gage in GCW. Freddie Prinze Jr. also hinted at actor Kieran Culkin possibly being involved with a future indie wrestling brand he’s working on. Below are some highlights (via
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Nick Gage announced for upcoming GCW events

SPOTLIGHTED PODCAST ALERT (YOUR ARTICLE BEGINS A FEW INCHES DOWN)... Nick Gage has been officially announced for two upcoming GCW events in Los Angeles. The company announced on Sunday that Gage will wrestled at the Welcome to the Heartbreak show on February 25 and The Coldest Winter show on February 26.

Nick Gage Added to Two GCW Events In February

GCW as upped its Nick Gage ratio in February, adding the wrestling star to two of their upcoming shows. GCW announced on Sunday that Gage will compete at February 26th Welcome To Heartbreak show, and their The Coldest Winter show the next day. Both events take place at The UCC...