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Nick Aldis Talks Mickie James Being Released By WWE

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis recently spoke to the It’s Our House Podcast. Aldis was asked about the release of his wife, Mickie James, from WWE and Aldis was quick to say, while it was sad, it also got him excited to see what James could do on the opponent market.
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Nick Aldis Says Jocephus Passed Due To A Congenital Heart Defect

On February 25, the wrestling world lost Joseph Hudson, known as Jocephus and The Question Mark in NWA. NWA President Billy Corgan said at the time that Jocephus passed away due to an undiagnosed medical issue. Speaking to Steel Chair Magazine ahead of NWA When Our Shadows Fall, Nick Aldis...
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NWA When Our Shadows Fall Results & Live Coverage Nick Aldis vs Trevor Murdoch

Good afternoon Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for NWA When Our Shadows Fall!. Marshe Rockett & Slice Boogie vs The End vs Sal Rinauro & Sam Rudo vs La Rebelion. Rudo and Parrow start the match off before Bestia comes in and LR double up on Rudo before Slice breaks up the pin and exchanges with Bestia before Marshe and Slice clear the ring of LR before Marshe and Odinson exchange before The End double up on Slice and hit Hell on Earth for a near fall that Cyber breaks up. The End stretch LR with torture racks before dropping them across the top turnbuckle and Sam takes out everyone at ringside before several of the competitors take turns hitting topes before Parrow powerbombs Sal over the top rope and onto everyone at ringisde before LR pick up the win.

Nick Aldis Reveals Reason For His Heat With Bruce Prichard

On a recent episode of WCW legend Konnan’s Keepin’ It 100 podcast, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion was on where the topic of Bruce Prichard came up. Aldis has responded to Prichard’s comments about him on a few occasions, and he did so again explaining the heat between the two. “He...

NWA Powerrr Surge results: Powell’s review of Jennacide vs. Skye Blue, interviews with Billy Corgan, Nick Aldis, Kamille, and Thom Latimer

-Joe Galli checked in from his home and hyped that Tim Storm would team with Sal Rinauro in a tag match. Galli also hyped Sunday’s pay-per-view. -Kamille was interviewed by May Valentine while both were seated in front of a pool table. Valentine recalled that Kamille seemed to be upset with her for bringing up Thunder Rosa during a past interview. Kamille said she should have been talking to her rather than about Rosa. Kamille apologized.

Billy Corgan on the NWA and AEW partnership, his relationship with Tony Khan, Nick Aldis as NWA Champion, booking smaller wrestlers against bigger wrestlers

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Billy Corgan. Corgan on the NWA/AEW partnership: “I’m open to all that stuff. I think it’s sort of like where do you want it to go? You know what I mean? Because right now, the NWA is in a position where we’re just building back up. So, like I said, I totally appreciate those opportunities, but we’re not really geared in that way, you know what I mean? If you saw some of the comments that Chris Jericho had about AEW working with Impact, who I’m publicly no fan of because of my dealings with them, including them stealing a former talent from us, not to mention what went on with Dixie Carter and that whole [situation]. You know, Jericho completely buried the situation with Impact, because he basically was talking about the disparity in power and star attraction.

NWA Powerrr Surge results: Powell’s review of Jennacide vs. Skye Blue, interviews with Thunder Rosa, Nick Aldis, and Trevor Murdoch

-Joe Galli and May Valentine hosted the show from the studio desk. They set up footage of a recent segment involving Thunder Rosa, Melina, Kamille, and Taryn Terrell. -Thunder Rosa was interviewed by Galli and Valentine. She was asked whether she believes Kamille will face her again. Rosa said she doesn’t believe she’s a coward. Valentine mentioned that Rosa has her own training school and promotion. Rosa spoke about how critics don’t bother her because they don’t pay her bills. Galli asked her to stick around while they aired a match they taped at the Powerrr tapings.

Daily Update: Blood and Guts hype, Drew McIntyre, Nick Aldis

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Nick Aldis Talks Mickie James’ WWE Release And Trash Bag Debacle

In an interview with Spencer Love, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was asked about the recent WWE release of his wife, Mickie James. As James has stated, Aldis told Love that the reaction to James’ tweet that launched “Trashgate” took on a greater life than intended. “You know, the...

NWA Power Surge results: Nick Aldis announces top tag contenders

Report -- NWA Power Surge opened with Thunder Rosa at the desk with May Valentine and Joe Galli. Rosa talked about how she was very proud to be doing good things for women’s wrestling both in the NWA, and on the independent scene. Rosa called Kamille a coward, and said she wasn’t sure that she was going to face her.
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Thunder Rosa and Nick Aldis To Appear On 4/27 NWA Powerrr; Updated Lineup

A new episode of NWA Powerrr premieres on Tuesday, April 27 at 6:05 p.m. ET on FITE TV. Tuesday's lineup includes Nick Aldis issuing an ultimatum to Trevor Murdoch. Aldis warned Murdoch not to interfere in his match last Tuesday and a potential NWA World Heavyweight Title chance would be waiting for him. Murdoch did not listen and paid for his troubles as he was attacked by Chris Adonis and Thom Latimer.

4/20 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Jordan Clearwater in a non-title match, NWA Tag Champions Aron Stevens and JR Kraros vs. Sal Rinauro and a partner in a non-title match, Kamille vs. Jennacide, Marshe Rockett vs. Matt Cross vs. Tyrus for a shot at the NWA TV Title

NWA Powerrr (Episode 25) The Powerrr opening aired and then Trevor Murdoch was interviewed at the desk by Kyle Davis. Murdoch said he wanted a shot at the NWA National Championship. He said he was open to any opportunity to face Chris Adonis for the title again. Murdoch called for Adonis to come out and talk to him like a man while saying that he would keep his hands to himself.
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NWA Powerrr Results (4/20): Top Contender Crowned For NWA TV Title, Nick Aldis Speaks

NWA held its latest episode of NWA Powerrr on April 20. The event aired on FITE TV. Full results and highlights are below. NWA Powerrr Results (4/20) - Trevor Murdoch wants another match with Chris Adonis. Nick Aldis confronts Murdoch and says Murdoch is not championship material. Aldis will wrestle tonight and wants Murdoch to stay away, and if he does, he might grant him "an opportunity of a lifetime."

Will NWA World Champion Nick Aldis Appear on AEW Dynamite?

Between All Elite Wrestling's work with NWA stars over the past year and Kenny Omega's storyline of collecting championships from other companies, wrestling fans have started guessing that sooner or later NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis will cross paths with AEW at some point. Aldis famously defended the "10 Pounds of Gold" at the All Out event back in 2018, which wound up being the precursor for the founding of AEW. But while speaking with this week, "The National Treasure" didn't sound positive about appearing on AEW Dynamite.

3/23 NWA Powerrr results: Powell’s review of the return edition featuring Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer, and a partner vs. Pope, Aron Stevens, and JR Kratos, Kamille vs. Alex Gracia, Fred Rosser vs. Matt Cross vs. Marshe Rockett in a three-way, Mike Parrow vs. Jordan Clearwater

NWA Powerrr (Episode 22) The “Into the Fire” opening aired… The broadcast team of Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky checked in from the broadcast desk and hyped the matches. Galli said Thunder Rosa had a sponsored wrestler appearing on the show…. Kyle Davis stood on the interview and...