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BREaD, Nicholas Cage, and the Sea of Tranquility

A brick & mortar concept from Fromagerie, BREaD Bakery + Café is a locally-owned micro-bakery crafting baguettes, ciabattas, sourdough loaves and more using a slow fermentation method. With an expanded offering of sweet treats and ready-to-eat items such as tartines and savory croissants, the BREaD Bakery + Café can pair any of their menu items with their fresh coffee and tea options. If you want a quick pick-me-up, this bakery is perfect for it.
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Nicholas Cage says Ghost Rider role made him never want to work out again

Nicholas Cage has revealed the hilarious reason why his role in Ghost Rider made him never want to work out again. In the movie, Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt rider who spots some very impressive abs. Cage was been open about the intense work out regime he undertook to get into shape for the role, but is still commonly questioned whether his abs were real in the movie.

Nicholas Cage quit doing karaoke because of his cover of Purple Rain

Back in 2019, video went viral of Nicolas Cage giving a, shall we say spirited, performance of “Purple Rain” at a bar. Well, whoever recorded that video and leaked it ruined EVERYTHING… because it caused Mr. Cage to give up the time-honored art form of karaoke. During...

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It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that Nicholas Cage would do live commentary of one his movies. However, that doesn’t seem to be on the horizon quiet yet and, in the mean time, we have something pretty damn close with Kenny Stevenson as Nic Cage doing said live commentary of Nic Cage movies.

Nicholas Cage to Star as Dracula in Chris McKay’s Renfield

Nicholas Cage can add yet another iconic role to his long list of gigs as an actor, as Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that he’ll be playing Dracula in Chris McKay’s upcoming adaptation of Renfield. This marks the actor’s first big studio movie since he starred in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence back in 2011.

Nicholas Cage Cast as Count Dracula in Universal’s Renfield

Nicolas Cage is coming back for more big movie studio action in possibly the best way possible: as Dracula. Universal has been doing much better in bringing back their classic monster franchises, and is looking to continue the trend with Renfield. The film, directed by Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War), stars Nicholas Hoult as the titular character who first appeared in Bram Stoker’s original novel.

Dracula To Be Portrayed By Nicholas Cage in Universal’s Monster Movie RENFIELD

While straying further and further from studio moviemaking, Nicolas Cage has sunk his teeth into independent cinema with seemingly reckless abandon. Having sealed this deal with a vampire’s kiss, Nicolas Cage is returning to a big-studio movie as Dracula in Universal Pictures’ monster movie RENFIELD. Chris McKay, the director behind...

Nicholas Cage once stormed off set after ‘Rust’ armourer fired a gun

Millions of people across the world were left shocked after news broke that Alec Baldwin had discharged a prop gun during a movie rehearsal of ‘Rust’ and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Before last week, the term armourer wasn’t familiar to many people. Now, with a frenzy of reports publishing every...

This Is What Alex Wolff Thinks Of His ‘Pig’ Co-star, Nicholas Cage

At 23, Alex Wolff has been in more films than we can count. The actor, whose career began at the age of six, is as diverse as they come and can portray roles on about anything and everything, including horror movies, rom coms, thrillers and drama. Wolff’s love for the big screen is largely attributed to the fact that he was born in the business. His mother, Polly Draper, rose to fame following her portrayal of Ellyn Warren on Thirtysomething, which debuted on ABC in 1987, and aired until 1991. Wolff’s dad, Michael Wolff, is a musician and actor, who became a familiar face following his job as a bandleader on The Arsenio Hall Show.

‘Pig’ movie review: Nicholas Cage, but with the comfort of a home-cooked meal

Pig, directed by Michael Sarnoski in his debut feature and co-written by Vanessa Block, lies at a poignant intersection of food, memory, and grief. Not something you’d expect from a movie with this particular name, but then again, you never know what to expect with Nicholas Cage. In this case, performances and themes transcend an otherwise simple premise, but the amount it does in small doses is where the film really shines.