Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver: “For The Sake Of Freedom, Yours And Mine

GB News host Neil Oliver speaks out about COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine policy in the U.K. NEIL OLIVER: For me, it’s all and only about freedom. For me without freedom, there is no point in anything. So take away all the numbers, all the statistics, all the models and predictions, all the promises and threats; all the steel hand in velvet glove coercion. Take all of that away. To me, it all boils down to something simple.
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The key people moving to GB News and who else is rumoured to be joining them

The arrival of GB News has been billed as the biggest news channel launch in the UK since Sky News more than 30 years ago but much about the project still remains unclear.The channel, led by former BBC host Andrew Neil, has set itself up as a mixture of news, opinion, and debate, rather than rolling 24-hour news like BBC News or Sky.That description has inevitably drawn comparisons to the polarising right-wing network Fox News, which consistently blurs the lines between news, opinions and outright misinformation – a comparison Neil has rejected.The channel’s director of news John McAndrew has said...