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Neil Fallon Picks Clutch Song He's Proudest of

Neil Fallon has sang on 13 album's worth of Clutch songs, and that doesn't even include the music he's made in the three other acts he's done time in — the Company Band, the Bakerton Group and Dunsmuir. Suffice to say, the 51-year-old singer-guitarist has made a helluva a lot of tunes over the years, and in a recent interview with Loudwire, he was asked to pick the one Clutch song that he's most proud to have been a part of.
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Clutch’s Neil Fallon says fans who want bands to return to their ‘old sound’ are just looking to relive their own “glory days”

Clutch frontman Neil Fallon has a theory that requests for bands to return to their ‘old sound’ aren’t so much about music as they are about nostalgia. Speaking to Ryan J Downey of Knotfest in a new interview, Fallon reasoned that a band’s music would sound repetitive if they gave in to such requests, saying “That’s one thing I never really quite understood. ‘Oh, I wish you could return back to your old sound’ or whatever. That’s like, ‘well do you want the same thing over and over and over and over?’”

11 Clutch Lyrics That Make Us Love the Hell Out of Neil Fallon

In the world of metal, Clutch occupy a specific yet wide-reaching niche. On the one hand, the band’s fun-as-fuck boogie-metal doesn’t quite fit into any specific subgenre, and is therefore hard to lock down. On the other, the band’s high-octane mixture of danceable riffs, tailfeather-friendly rhythms, and madcap rhymes about fast cars and Bigfoot ensure that if they’re playing, people will show up, and they’ll party. It’s the latter of those aspects that leave us especially impressed, with frontman Neil Fallon’s lyrics constantly grabbing our attention and yanking us to our feet.