Beauty Tips From Empress Elisabeth, Nefertiti, Queen Elizabeth I

Portrait painting of empress Elisabeth of Austria (1854)Public Domain, Source: Wolfgang Sauber/Wikimedia Commons. I agree, each one of us is beautiful just the way we are, yet some people are born pretty — and I don’t mean lovely soul or a pretty mind, I am talking about a pretty face, like the one that makes you reconsider looking at your reflection in the mirror for days.
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Gold jewelry from the time of Nefertiti found in Bronze Age tombs in Cyprus

Archaeologists from the University of Gothenburg have concluded an excavation of two tombs in the Bronze Age city of Hala Sultan Tekke in Cyprus. The finds include over 150 human skeletons and close to 500 objects—including gold jewelry, gemstones and ceramics—from around 1350 BCE. Since 2010, the New Swedish Cyprus...

Escape From Nefertiti’s Tomb Releases On App Lab For Quest On October 15

A new VR escape room game, Escape From Nefertiti’s Tomb, is set to release via App Lab for Oculus Quest on October 15, with a SteamVR release soon after. The title is being developed by WisEngineering Digital Reality Lab, comprised of developers who have worked with some big names like Epic Games, Sony Pictures, Activision and more.