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Did You Now? Comic legends Neal Adams and George Perez contributed to Star Trek

Neal Adams and George Perez had ties to Star Trek. Over a week ago, famed comic artist and writer Neal Adams passed away. About a week later, another famed comic book artist, George Perez, also passed away. To many comic book fans, especially DC fans, both men were icons. Adams’ work is some of the most spectacular in the game for Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow, while Perez for his work on Teen Titans.
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Neal Adams obituary

In the period following the explosion begun by Marvel Comics in the 1960s and accelerated by the campy Batman TV series in the middle of the decade, Neal Adams, who has died aged 80 of complications from sepsis, was one of the greatest, and probably most influential, artists in comics. Adams was central to the rethinking of characters including Marvel’s X-Men and, for their rival DC Comics, the Spectre, Deadman and, most crucially, the Batman.
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Comic Book Legend Neal Adams Has Died at 80

Neal Adams died on Thursday, April 28 in New York of complications from sepsis, at the age of 80. Adams was a legendary comic book artist best known for his groundbreaking work in the 1970s, during which he helped to revitalize Batman and introduce more mature and complex themes to superhero comics, as well as co-creating one of DC’s first Black superheroes, Green Lantern John Stewart. He was also an early and vocal advocate for creators’ rights.

Neal Adams, Comics Legend Behind Batman and More, Dead at 80

Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams has died at age 80. Adams worked on countless characters for both major companies, including the X-Men and Green Lantern. But his main accomplishment was his work on Batman with Dennis O'Neil and bringing the character back into the darkness. According to The Hollywood...

Comic book artist Neal Adams has died. He drew some of the most iconic characters you know

CNN — Iconic comic book artist Neal Adams died on Thursday in New York at the age of 80, according to his daughter Zeea Adams Moss and daughter-in-law Saori Adams. Adams worked with both DC and Marvel comics in the 1960s and 1970s, drawing characters like Batman, Superman, the Avengers and the X-Men. He was one of the creative forces behind the Green Lantern/Green Arrow series of the early 1970s, taking on social issues such as drug addiction and racism.