Nataša Stanković

Mother’s Day 2021: Anushka Sharma, Nataša Stanković, Gigi Hadid – New Mommies Who Will Celebrate the Special Day for the First Time!

The second wave of coronavirus is sparing none. While we thought that we defeated the deadly bug last year… but it mutated and here it is once again creating mayhem in India. The virus entered the world at the start of 2020 and ruined many families. However, amid the chaos, we also saw some good news’ wherein many fams were blessed with babies, which added joy in the testing times. We even saw many celebs getting preggers and giving birth to tiny tots. And as May 9 is celebrated as Mother’s day around the globe, let’s take a look at the new mommies from showbiz. Mother’s Day Special: 11 On-Screen Mothers Of Bollywood That Define Maa In Cinema.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natasa Stankovic

Natasa Stankovic is one of the most famous models and actresses in the world, and people cannot get enough of her. She has been in the business for many years, and her mere existence is enough to make her fans fall over sideways with admiration and love for her. She’s beautiful, of course, and her fans want to follow her every move. It’s understandable when someone is so lovely and life seems to treat her with so much goodness to want to see more of her personal life and learn more about how she does it all. With that in mind, let’s figure it out together.
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