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Why Nancy Grace won’t use the name Daybell when it comes to Lori Vallow

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Nancy Grace spent almost a decade as a special prosecutor for the Atlanta-Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Georgia before becoming a legal commentator on television. Since then, Grace has hosted her own programs, written books, produced television specials and shared her legal knowledge...
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Fox Nation’s Nancy Grace says no to pot legalization

Fox Nation’s Nancy Grace — onetime Atlanta prosecutor — her mouth and knowledge are everywhere. So, first question, marijuana. Then, prisons. “As for marijuana, vehicular homicides skyrocketed. I don’t like dead bodies on highways. I don’t like kids getting high while driving. “Prisons? Hardened criminals...
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Mom of Missing Natalee Holloway Returns to Aruba With Nancy Grace to Get Answers

In 2005, Alabama cheerleader Natalee Holloway went on a spring break trip to Aruba, but she never returned. Her body was never found. Now, her mother, Beth, has returned to the Caribbean island where Natalee disappeared 17 years ago to get answers, with the help of TV personality Nancy Grace. Nancy and Beth are working together on a series investigating Natalee’s death, but police in Aruba didn’t seem to welcome their cameras and questions.

Nancy Grace sends message to Jen Psaki: I'll tell you what 'soft on crime' is

Fox Nation host Nancy Grace blasted the Biden administration on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday for dismissing concerns on soft-on-crime policies. The Fraternal Order of Police, America's largest police union, harshly criticized Jen Psaki on Monday after the White House press secretary mocked Fox News' coverage of rising crime rates and questioned the validity of discussing "soft-on-crime consequences."
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Nancy Grace Roman Telescope Will do its Own, Wide-Angle Version of the Hubble Deep Field

Remember the Hubble Space Telescope’s Deep Field and Ultra-Deep Field images?. Those images showed everyone that what appears to be a tiny, empty part of the sky contains thousands of galaxies, some dating back to the Universe’s early days. Each of those galaxies can have hundreds of billions of stars. These early galaxies formed only a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. The images inspired awe in the human minds that took the time to understand them. And they’re part of history now.
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How NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Blasted Past Men Standing In Her Way

Women scientists in the 1950s and 1960s faced discouragement from school counselors, hostility from professors and discrimination in the workplace. Good thing some, like NASA's Nancy Grace Roman, ignored it all. Roman was NASA's first chief of astronomy, man or woman. She earned the title in 1960, after joining the...

Fox’s Nancy Grace Says Don Lemon Texts to Jussie Smollett Are Not a Scandal: ‘Not Exactly Breaking News’

Fox Nation host Nancy Grace poured cold water on the idea that CNN anchor Don Lemon’s texts to Jussie Smollett constitute a scandal for the network and its 10 p.m. host. Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt introduced Grace by summing up Smollett’s testimony on Monday, in which he claimed that Lemon had warned him the Chicago Police Department did not believe his story. Smollett, who is on trial for six counts of lying to the police, also insisted that the 2019 hate crime he reported “was not a hoax.”

Is Nancy Grace a Democrat or Republican?

Fox viewers are in an uproar and are questioning Fox Nation host Nancy Grace’s political party affiliations after she called Kyle Rittenhouse a “vigilante” during a Nov. 14 special about the case. Article continues below advertisement. The day after Grace’s special, the prosecuting and defense attorneys in the Rittenhouse trial...

Nancy Grace defends not taking a side on her Fox Nation special on the Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial

The usually opinionated Grace took heat from both sides following Sunday's special. But Grace says she didn't pick a side because the case will likely result in a hung jury. “Usually I do (pick a side) and it’s interesting… if I come down on one side, the other side goes crazy. I’m very rarely on the fence,” Grace told TheWrap. "I am not going to try to appease any group or anybody by twisting the truth. The truth is it’s a conundrum and if it’s not clear, then it’s not clear. I’m not going to allow politics to get into a criminal case or an assessment of crime. I’m not going to whore out Lady Justice to make one side of the other happy. That is not going to happen on my watch."