Nancy Grace


With Her Podcast, Nancy Grace Is Still on Top of ‘Crime Stories’

Former prosecutor Nancy Grace made a name for herself—and an enviable net worth—with her TV shows on Court TV and HLN. But the 62-year-old shows no signs of stopping, having joined many of her former cable-news colleagues in the switch from linear TV to streaming. On her Crime Stories podcast and Fox Nation show, for instance, Grace has given her take on the Uvalde school shooting, the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard court battle, the Alabama prison breakout, among other recent headlines.

Why Nancy Grace won’t use the name Daybell when it comes to Lori Vallow

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Nancy Grace spent almost a decade as a special prosecutor for the Atlanta-Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Georgia before becoming a legal commentator on television. Since then, Grace has hosted her own programs, written books, produced television specials and shared her legal knowledge...

Fox Nation’s Nancy Grace says no to pot legalization

Fox Nation’s Nancy Grace — onetime Atlanta prosecutor — her mouth and knowledge are everywhere. So, first question, marijuana. Then, prisons. “As for marijuana, vehicular homicides skyrocketed. I don’t like dead bodies on highways. I don’t like kids getting high while driving. “Prisons? Hardened criminals...

Mom of Missing Natalee Holloway Returns to Aruba With Nancy Grace to Get Answers

In 2005, Alabama cheerleader Natalee Holloway went on a spring break trip to Aruba, but she never returned. Her body was never found. Now, her mother, Beth, has returned to the Caribbean island where Natalee disappeared 17 years ago to get answers, with the help of TV personality Nancy Grace. Nancy and Beth are working together on a series investigating Natalee’s death, but police in Aruba didn’t seem to welcome their cameras and questions.