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Chef Nadiya Hussain Is Teaching Kids To Be Strong in New Children's Book

It's sometimes wild to think that when I was growing up, I thought the oven was only used for storage. It wasn't until I was in secondary school and in my home economics class that I realized that the oven can actually be used to create something wonderful. I thought it was magical, but still I never thought then that baking would become my career. Even once I was married and I started baking properly (because my husband loves cake!), I didn't know that I would be a baker. I just practiced something I enjoyed and then, as the kids came along, I practiced even more. I didn't know it would lead my husband to enter me into the biggest baking show on TV, The Great British Bake Off—I definitely didn't know that I would go on to win it! And here I am, in my dream job doing what I love. But all that media attention and spotlight comes with its challenges. And it's my experience with this that led me to write children's picture books.
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Kate Garraway's Life Stories, review: Nadiya Hussain bolsters her status as the nation's sweetheart

In 2015, Nadiya Hussain was statistically more popular than the Prime Minister. Some may suggest that accolade has since been slightly tarnished because the PM in question was David Cameron... However, 15m watched Hussain become The Great British Bake Off champion - a higher number than those who voted Conservative in that year’s general election. On Kate Garraway’s Life Stories (ITV), Hussain’s explanation was simple: “Because cake is more interesting than politics.”

Nadiya Hussain: 'I don’t feel famous, but I’ve become public property in a way I didn’t ask for'

Nadiya Hussain, 36, grew up in Luton, one of six children in a British-Bangladeshi family. In 2015, she won the sixth series of The Great British Bake Off, a victory that catapulted her into a career of television presenting and cookbook writing. She lives in Milton Keynes with her husband, Abdal – whom she remarried in 2018, 14 years after their arranged marriage – and their three children: two sons, aged 15 and 14, and an 11-year-old daughter.

TV chef Nadiya Hussain launches WaterAid appeal

TV chef Nadiya Hussain MBE is supporting a new WaterAid appeal to bring clean water and toilets to schools. The charity’s Thirst For Knowledge appeal will be matched in donations by the UK Government between November 16 and February 15 2022 of up to £2 million. Great British Bake Off...

Why Nadiya Hussain Feels Like She Doesn't Fit In The Food Industry

Nadiya Hussain didn't realize her life would change after her husband encouraged her to apply to "The Great British Bake Off." According to her website, she initially resisted, but changed her mind when he encouraged her to give it a shot. Hussain writes, "I entered Bake Off because he was right. I had lost myself in the madness that is life, I was everything, a daughter, a sister, a wife a mother but I still was nowhere near finding me."

What Nadiya Hussain Really Eats In A Day

Nadiya Hussain is the funny and bubbly host of the cooking shows "Time To Eat" and "Nadiya Bakes," according to her official website. She's also a cookbook author, and the winner of Season 6 of the "Great British Bake Off." Her infectious enthusiasm for all things sweet and savory has us wondering: What does Nadiya Hussain eat at home?

Ask Me Another: Nadiya Hussain

Guests: Nadiya Hussain; Gabrielle Hamilton & Ashley Merriman; Carla Hall & Nancy Fuller. Rev up those fryers, it’s the Ask Me Another Food Show! The Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain (Nadiya’s Time to Eat, Nadiya Bakes) dishes about baking for the Queen and digs up the truth in a game about plant family trees. Plus, James Beard Award-winning chef Gabrielle Hamilton (Blood, Bones and Butter, Prune) & Top Chef alum and National Arts Club head chef Ashley Merriman play a saucy music parody game, and Food Network hosts and judges Carla Hall (​​Carla and the Christmas Cornbread, Best Baker in America) & Nancy Fuller (Farmhouse Rules) are visited by a quizzical honey bee.

Nadiya Hussain

The Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain (Nadiya's Time to Eat, Nadiya Bakes) breaks down her journey as a baker— beginning with using an oven only as extra kitchen storage, to baking a birthday cake for the Queen of England. She shares some behind the scenes of what life in the Bake Off tent is really like, and gives some advice from her cookbooks. Then, she unearths which very different looking plants are actually related in a game about culinary botany.