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Moonchild Sanelly: Phases review – on track for global adulation

You don’t need a working knowledge of niche South African genres – gqom or amapiano – to appreciate Moonchild Sanelly, a mischievous and box-fresh artist who is based in Johannesburg but has mainstream global adulation within reach. Combining the hard-hitting primary colours of Nicki Minaj or Doja Cat with the edgier electronics of MIA, the blue-haired, sex-positive rapper-singer is in a category all of her own, mixing snatches of Xhosa with the international language of flexing.
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Moonchild Sanelly On 'Phases' Album, Astrology & Memes

The rising South African singer and musician is eyeing global domination. Moonchild Sanelly is more than her rap sheet of achievements. Over the last few years, the 34-year-old South African artist has risen to the top of the international scene, identifiable by her signature head of teal braids and bold and brash anthems of female sexuality and empowerment. On Friday, the music and dancer releases her second album, Phases, which she’s calling her most intimate project yet. “I go through my dark side, I go through my whimsical side, I go through my playful or whimsical [side],” she tells NYLON of the album. “It's basically shades of the moon.”
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Moonchild Sanelly is Undumpable

Moonchild Sanelly is Undumpable: South African rapper and singer Moonchild Sanelly has released new single “Undumpable.” She’s setting a guy straight too — “you want to dump me? Good luck — I’ve still got a key!”. “‘Undumpable; is a jam about a relationship where the couples’ tempers are frayed in...

Moonchild Sanelly is up for a challenge on “Undumpable”

South Africa's Moonchild Sanelly shared her latest video, "Undumpable," a thumping ode to refusing to let things go. Produced by her Transgressive Records label mate Débruit of Congolese collective KOKOKO!, the track finds Sanelly defiantly demanding her would-be ex stick around to mend a strained relationship. "I won't let you dump me / Oh bitch / You're gonna fix this," she chants over pulsing production.

TOKiMONSTA Presents “Every Woman” Event Featuring Aluna, Tinashe, and Moonchild Sanelly

Although we should be supporting and uplifting women every minute of every day, our whacky world delegates specific months to celebrate certain identities. All this to say, if you weren’t aware, March is International Women’s Month. As a result, some cool releases and events are happening in its honor. One of which is Grammy-nominated producer and Young Art Records founder TOKiMONSTA setting up a live stream event on Twitch that will feature panels of amazing artists chatting about their time in the music industry.