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Monte Lee end of year wrap

We just got word that we will have our end-of-year wrap with baseball coach Monte Lee on June 21. Now, for those who are wondering if we will hear any news of changes in the coaching staff, I am hearing that the staff will remain in place for next season. We will of course have the chance to ask Monte about that when we talk. Why no staff changes? My guess is that Lee understands he has to win next year. At what level? Reach a regional? Host? Make a Super Regional? I am not sure what DRad has set as goals. But a lot of people out there understand that Lee could be in for a one-year deal, and it's hard to attract someone who is REALLY good when you might have a lame-duck situation. That is my guess (based off of a conversation with someone who would know what this is like).

Monte Lee confident he's right choice to lead Clemson program

Monte Lee, Clemson University, Bill Wilhelm, Atlantic Coast Conference, Dan Radakovich, Clemson Tigers men's basketball, Detroit Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets baseball, BB&T Field, Adam Hackenberg. Clemson baseball ended its season on a high note Wednesday, and now Monte Lee is ready to get back to work and get the...
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Clemson AD pledges support for baseball coach Monte Lee

CLEMSON — Clemson Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich on May 27 expressed support for baseball coach Monte Lee in the wake of the team's 25-27 season. The 2021 year was historically bad for the Tigers, leading some to speculate on Lee's job status. Clemson finished under-.500 for the first time since 1957 and is likely to have its 11-season NCAA Tournament streak snapped.

Monte Lee on Clemson missing the postseason: "I've failed our club"

Clemson Tigers baseball, Monte Lee, Clemson University, Trevor Lawrence, Bill Wilhelm, Clemson Tigers men's basketball, NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Tournament, Detroit Tigers, 2008 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament. Monte Lee has been around baseball for a long time and isn’t used to missing the postseason, but Lee will...

Re: TNET: Clemson AD addresses baseball's future outlook with Monte Lee

Had a job opportunity in the first place. Less than a handful of coaches had a better track than the guy we fired at that time. I'm trying to find the consistent element between Leggett's firing and Monte's retention. I don't mind that Monte is being retained, but there doesn't appear to be a consistent expectation for performance of the program.