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Moniece Slaughter Speaks Out On Alleged Threats From Dr. Dre

Moniece Slaughter is is opening up about alleged threats from Dr. Dre. As reported on Bossip, the reality star appeared on Social Society. Moniece talked to the host, Kendall Kyndall, about her mental state, online trolls, and the alleged threats the producer made. Moniece said she didn’t want to talk about the Dre situation. However, Moniece claims Dre asked her if she was “scared going public against someone powerful like him.” Moniece explains to Kendall that she’s not afraid.
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Moniece Slaughter Recalls Threats Allegedly Sent From Dr. Dre

If there is one thing to know about Moniece Slaughter it is that the Love and Hip Hop star is not afraid to spill the deets on a situation. Moniece Slaughter recently helped the public with some details regarding the dating status of Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones. When paparazzi spotted Dr. Dre out with a mystery woman at a restaurant, Moniece had no problem spilling the tea.
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Moniece Slaughter Details Receiving Threats From Dr. Dre's Alleged "Pitbull"

If there is information to be shared about her circle of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-stars, Moniece Slaughter is going to weigh in with commentary. She might share behind-the-scenes details that haven't been told to the public or put someone on blast by airing out their dirty laundry, but it's something that fans can't get enough of. After Apryl Jones was spotted by the paparazzi making her way into a restaurant with Dr. Dre, Moniece hopped on her Instagram Live and revealed to viewers that the purported couple has been together for some time.

Moniece Slaughter Claims She Received Death Threats From Dr. Dre After Confirming April Jones Dating Rumors

Love & Hip-Hop socialite Moniece Slaughter recently went public about an alleged relationship between her LHH co-star, Apryl Jones and legendary producer, Dr. Dre. Slaughter’s comments came after Dre and Jones were spotted headed to dinner last week. Following Moniece’s statements, she claims to have received threatening calls from alleged members of Dr. Dre’s camp. In a number of videos, Slaughter expounds on the reported threats in addition to releasing a statement on her Instagram story.

Moniece Slaughter Will No Longer Speak About Dr. Dre After Receiving Death Threats

Love & Hip-Hop star Moniece Slaughter recently commented on Dr. Dre's alleged relationship with Apryl Jones, claiming that they had been together "for a while". She also spoke on the countless abuse allegations that have been made against the mega-producer throughout his career, stating that she never wanted to believe them but, after a couple of phone calls this week, she's convinced that Dr. Dre is "a woman beater".

Moniece Slaughter Says She Is Done Speaking About Dr. Dre Being Abusive After He Allegedly Threatened Her

Roommates, earlier this week, former “Love & Hip Hop” star Moniece Slaughter stirred up a healthy amount of controversy when she alleged that Dr. Dre threatened her for speaking about his rumored relationship with Apryl Jones. Well fast forward to the present, and Moniece now says that she is done speaking about Dr. Dre and further states that it’s because the threats have increased.

Moniece Slaughter Makes Shocking Allegations Against Dr. Dre

Several days ago, Moniece Slaughter appeared to confirm the dating rumors that Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones have been entrapped in, claiming that they've been together "for a while". Something may have happened though because, in her first update on the matter since then, Moniece has started sharing some very disturbing allegations about the famed mega-producer.

Dr. Dre & Apryl Jones Have Been Together For "A While", Moniece Slaughter Says

Dr. Dre's divorce from Nicole Young has been as public as it gets. Over the months, updates on their divorce proceedings have made headlines and revealed that there's some built-up tension between the couple. Allegations of abuse have been made against Dr. Dre as Nicole faces scrutiny for her requested amount of spousal support.