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Joe Biden is a 'hack': Monica Crowley rips into the Biden family over China

Former assistant secretary of the treasury Monica Crowley revealed alleged collusion between the Chinese Communist Party and the Biden family Friday on "Hannity." CROWLEY: Joe Biden has always been a hack, but now he is president of the United States and America's commander in chief. And there is evidence that the Biden family has benefited tremendously from the CCP and Chinese Communist Party-related entities to the tune of well over $10 million. So the CCP and those entities do not write those kinds of checks without expecting something in return. So obviously there's a lot of speculation, Tammy, as to whether or not this president is compromised. And if so, shame on Joe Biden for putting his family's and personal interests ahead of America's national security interests and ahead of the American people. This is why we have tremendous weakness in dealing with this fundamental, existential threat to the U.S.
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Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 155: Senate Gun Control Proposal, Dems’ Concerns About Biden in 2024; Guest: Monica Crowley

Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson, filling in for host Alex Marlow, begins today’s podcast with the latest details on the Senate’s bipartisan gun control proposal. Will it pass? Will it work? Our guest today is Monica Crowley, the former assistant secretary for Public Affairs at the U.S. Treasury under President Trump and host of The Monica Crowley Podcast. She highlights the growing concerns among Democrats about the state of Joe Biden’s presidency and what his 2024 re-election is going to look like. Then, we have our caller of the day, Kate from Wisconsin, who talks about raising the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21. She and Jerome they have a constructive debate on issue when he pushed back on her argument.

Monica Crowley slams woke corporations for 'pro-abortion' agenda amid reports of 'abortion benefits'

"The Monica Crowley Podcast" host joined "Jesse Watters Primetime" to react to reports that big American corporations are offering "abortion benefits" to their employees. MONICA CROWLEY: Look, I want to know where the fairness comes in. So, if you were a female employee at one of these woke corporations doing this, and you decide to have a baby, are they going to give you a $4,000 bonus to even it out?

Leftist power-brokers want Biden gone: Monica Crowley

Former U.S. Treasury official Monica Crowley joined "Jesse Watters Primetime" to weigh in on the Democratic intra-party feud for control of its leadership. MONICA CROWLEY: Nobody in their right mind believes Joe Biden is going to be on the ticket in 2024 and the vice president is certainly not up to this job. So, you've got people like Liz Warren who are now making all kinds of noises about taking the leadership reins of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders this week talked about, well, if Biden's not on the ticket, I may make another run at the age of 135, but the progressives are really agitated because they're saying, "Look, we're going to lose in November because we have a messaging issue," which is not the case, "but also because we have not delivered on our agenda."

Monica Crowley Talks Disney (In)Decency, New Podcast

Political commentator & podcaster Monica Crowley joined Tim Van Horn to discuss a variety of topics on KWAM today. She talked about Disney’s battle to influence children on gender and sexuality as well as how Joe Biden would leave office if he does not finish this term as President.