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Walker's Molly Hagan Says This Week's Episode is "The Calm Before the Storm"

Tonight's episode of Walker, titled "Champagne Problems," is a character-driven and heartwarming break in the action and danger that the series usually features. Of course, that won't last forever, and series star Molly Hagan told ComicBook that she views this week's episode as the calm before the storm as the series heads into the home stretch for the last few episodes of the second season. In the episode, the family comes together to celebrate Abeline (Hagan) and Bonham's (Mitch Pileggi) anniversary, and while it isn't without a little bit of drama, it's not like anybody's life hangs in the balance, as has so often been the case.
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‘Walker’ Star Molly Hagan Explains Abilene’s Soft Spot for Hoyt

They say that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. So it makes sense that Walker‘s Abeline Walker (Molly Hagan) is a double-barrel shot of greatness, given that she’s raised both Cordell (Jared Padalecki) and Liam (Keegan Allen). But she’s also raised a little hell, what with her extramarital affair and her no-nonsense approach to patching things up with the emotionally distant husband, Bonham (Mitch Pileggi).
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Walker star Molly Hagan previews Hoyt's homecoming

Abeline Walker (Molly Hagan) is a great mom — even to people who aren't her biological children. So when this week's Walker sees the return of Hoyt (Matt Barr), she's going to be very happy. "When you're raising your own children there's you in them, so chances are you're passing...

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Molly Hagan

Molly Hagan has one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. It’s because she’s been in just about everything, and everyone recognizes her for the immense talent she brings to her roles. It doesn’t matter if she is starring in a major role, one that has just a few lines, or she’s just on the screen helping out someone else, she has a presence that’s undeniable. She’s good at what she does, and she’s been making a career out of it for decades. However, it’s true that many of her fans know very little about the actress.