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Celebrate 400 years with Moliere

Signature Dessert, Theater at the Chouteau Fountain, and Momo are all in store in this newsletter. If you do not see the photos, please be sure to click and allow your browser to see the photos. Molière’s 400th Birthday Party Location Announced!. by Felicia Londré. KC MOlière: 400 in 2022‘s...
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Molière in the Park Live Streams the Expansive pen/man/ship on the Turbulent Sea

The time is 1896, and the ‘Separate But Equal Doctrine’ has just been upheld in the Supreme Court of the United States. This is the historic background of pen/man/ship, the live streamed latest from Molière in the Park, the same company that brought us the playful and good-natured Tartuffe back in June of last year. A Black American surveyor, steadfast in his convictions, has organized a ship’s crossing for him and his son to lead a secret expedition, one he doesn’t even want to talk about with his son. Bound for Liberia with his troubled son, he has rounded up a crew of men for the voyage, and much to his later surprise, a young Black woman named Ruby has been invited along by his son. The God-fearing father is clearly thrown off balance by this unspoken inclusion, but the son insists it was a necessary addition. She is in need, fleeing the oppressive American South in hopes of finding a new and better life in Liberia. She has decidedly boarded a ship bound for that breath of freedom that she so desperately wants, only she wasn’t aware that she would run into a different form of oppression and control onboard. The crew is skeptical of the goal, the journey, and the surveyor in charge, and because of all this, the sea air is tense with conflict. The shadows play out strongly before us with a cut-out intricity that only elevates the storyline, drawing us even further inside this inventive and complex live streaming of Christina Anderson’s riveting maritime drama, pen/man/ship. Within its wise reflective stance, the production finds its solid sea legs with confidence, strongly orchestrating the adventure using technology that both seems to reckon back to the time of shadow plays and puppetry, while also finding a modern seamless interactiveness that is both clever and refreshing, particularly in this complex socially-distanced time this production was created within.
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KCAT reads new translation of Molière’s “The Pests”

Don’t Miss “The Pests” Before They Leave March 11th!. Great fun was had at our virtual comedic reading of “The Pests” last weekend, but if you missed it, you only have two more days to watch the recording before it goes offline after March 11th!. A French nobleman attempts to...
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FUCHS: Lessons from Molière's 'Tartuffe' about selflessness

Recently, I read a very interesting play in French literature called, "Tartuffe" or "The Imposter," by Molière. "Tartuffe" tells the story of a man of the same name who masquerades as being pious and religious but is really just broke and trying to take advantage of a rich family. The head of the family, Orgon, is tricked by Tartuffe’s actions into thinking that he is a good person because he acts as a martyr and is vocal about his penance.

WSU presents Moliere-inspired social satire ‘KARENS’

“We all need to realize what we don’t know instead of thinking we know everything,” Bruce Cromer said. In contemporary slang, “Karen” is often described as a white, middle-aged, suburban woman behaving entitled or rude, particularly when seeking undeserved special treatment. Through this hot-button, provocative social lens, Wright State University Theatre presents “KARENS: A comedy of bad manners,” a new adaptation of Moliere’s naughty, sophisticated and satirical class comedy “The Learned Ladies” streaming on YouTube from Friday, Feb. 26-Sunday, Feb. 28.
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KCAT plans Moliere reading.

Kansas City Actors Theatre Announces a Virtual Dramatic Reading of Moliére’s “The Pests” on March 7th. Performing free online for a live reading to raise awareness and funds for “KC MOliére: 400 in 2022”. February 18, 2021 – On March 7th Kansas City Actors Theatre will present a free, live,...
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Moliere celebration advances

Full disclosure: Molière was not born on January 15, 1622. We are actually celebrating the birthday of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. Son of a comfortable family fueled by the father’s position as Royal Upholsterer, Poquelin seemed to have his life fairly well laid out for him. But two influencers (yes, even then)...