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Trump FBI raid: Mitch McConnell dodges question on search of Mar-a-Lago

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday dodged a question about the FBI's Monday search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home during a Kentucky press conference. "I'm here to talk about the flood and recovery from the flood," McConnell, R-Ky., said when asked about the raid. McConnell was in his...

One top Republican who's noticeably not slamming the FBI search of Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home? Mitch McConnell. And the Kentuckian is not alone.

The Senate minority leader declined to address a question on it during a tour of flood damage in his home state. What’s going on: Donald Trump's GOP allies have responded in predictable fashion to the former president's Mar-a-Lago estate getting searched by federal agents on Monday. Republican lawmakers have lined up to allege, with no factual basis thus far, that Trump is a victim of politicized law enforcement.

Sen. Mitch McConnell visits devastated flood areas in Eastern KY

KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – On Tuesday, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell visited parts of Eastern Kentucky to thank flood relief volunteers and to speak with local officials on the devastation. But, some people are not happy with the federal response to this disaster. Senator McConnell assured people...

Mitch McConnell thinks Joe O’Dea is perfect

There’s really only one thing Coloradans need to know about Joe O’Dea, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate: Mitch McConnell called him the “perfect candidate.” Yes, this is the same Mitch McConnell who is responsible for stealing seats on the Supreme Court to overturn abortion access. The same Mitch McConnnell who cut taxes for the […] The post Mitch McConnell thinks Joe O’Dea is perfect appeared first on Colorado Newsline.

Trump blasts the Democratic-led climate and tax bill, says 'old broken crow' Mitch McConnell was 'taken for a ride' by Joe Manchin

Former President Trump blasted McConnell and Manchin over the Democratic-led climate and tax bill. Trump said McConnell was "taken for a ride" by Manchin, whom the ex-president said had "sold out." Senate Democrats are aiming to pass the sweeping legislation through reconciliation this weekend. Former President Donald Trump on Friday...

GOP nominees question Mitch McConnell as party’s Senate leader

Democrats have spent much of the year hitting Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s proposed tax increases as if it were a piñata. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has repeatedly said the Floridian’s plan is irrelevant. “If we’re fortunate enough to have the [Senate] majority next year,” McConnell...

Voices: Mitch McConnell is suddenly trying to lower expectations for the midterms. Why?

On Wednesday evening, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell did something peculiar: He tamped down expectations for the upcoming midterm election.“We have a 50-50 Senate now,” he said during an interview with Bret Baier on Fox News. “We have a 50-50 nation. And I think when the Senate race smoke clears, we’re likely to have a very, very close Senate still, with either us up slightly or the Democrats up slightly.”Even a few months ago, nobody would have expected McConnell to curb enthusiasm about a Republican takeover. Joe Biden’s approval numbers are still dismal, and inflation is at a 40-year high....

According to Mitch McConnell, Joe Manchin struck a bargain on government spending that “only Bernie Sanders would adore.”

The leader of the minority caucus in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is not keeping his opinions to himself over the unexpected arrangement that Senator Joe Manchin struck, which opened a door for the progressive agenda. During his weekly press conference, McConnell stated that the other party “made a lousy deal.”...

Sen. Mitch McConnell releases statement in response to EKY flooding

WASHINGTON (WYMT) - Senator Mitch McConnell released a statement Friday praising the quick and positive response to the devastating flooding that hit Eastern Kentucky last week. He expressed his gratitude for the people who have been quick to offer their help to the people in need. You can read his...