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Chicago Fire season 11: Will Miranda Rae Mayo return as Stella Kidd?

Stella and Severide tied the knot in season 10. Will we get to see more of their story? Will Miranda Rae Mayo return in Chicago Fire season 11?. There were a lot of questions about Stella Kidd throughout Chicago Fire season 10. After heading to Boston to open a new chapter of Girls on Fire, she started to question her future at Firehouse 51. There was a chance to become lieutenant, but she wasn’t sure if that was something she really wanted.
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Miranda Rae Mayo Teases Chicago Fire’s Stella Kidd ‘May or May Not’ Get Married in Finale: She’s ‘Very Superstitious’

Happily ever after? Miranda Rae Mayo is ready for fans to see Chicago Fire’s season 10 finale — even if the wedding between Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide doesn’t go as planned. “We may or may not be getting married,” the 31-year-old actress teased in Us Weekly’s exclusive clip from the set of the wedding-focused […]
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Chicago Fire's Miranda Rae Mayo Explains Kidd's Extended Absence

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) has a lot of explaining to do when Chicago Fire returns from its holiday hiatus on Jan. 5. The lieutenant has been M.I.A. from Firehouse 51 for several episodes, ostensibly helping set up her "Girls on Fire" youth program at fire stations across the country. In addition to straight-up ghosting her fiancé, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), Kidd also missed a major development at 51: the station had a vacant lieutenant post after the exit of Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), but Kidd was gone so Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) appointed newcomer Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton) instead.

Chicago Fire season 10: Why was Stella Kidd, Miranda Rae Mayo gone?

Tonight you are seeing the glorious return of Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd to Chicago Fire in a larger capacity. With that in mind, we do now have to pose the question: Why was the character gone so long in the first place?. The explanation that we’d received over...
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Chicago Fire Actress Miranda Rae Mayo Breaks Down Stella's Decision To Return To Severide

Miranda Rae Mayo is back in action as Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire for the second half of Season 10, after being missing for several episodes at the end of 2021. Stella made an appearance at the end of the midseason finale, surprising Severide with a reunion after spending days not answering his calls and texts during her Girls on Fire trip. Mayo spoke with CinemaBlend and broke down Stella’s decision to return home and reunite with Severide rather than just pick up the phone, and what she’s excited to see in Season 10.

Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire? Where is Stella Kidd at now?

Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire, and where in the world is her character of Stella Kidd at? We’ve got a lot to dive into here…. Of course, we have to start with where things stand at moment: Stella has been missing in action for several weeks now. We know that she took off in order to start a new chapter of Girls on Fire, but why has she been gone for so long? What is she really up to? There’s a lot of mystery here, and unfortunately, the writers have not been keen to give us a quick answer. There were claims earlier this fall that we’d see Kidd again before the end of the calendar year, and that’s the thing we’re most holding onto entering tonight’s final episode of the calendar year.

Chicago Fire season 10 spoilers: Is Miranda Rae Mayo, Stella Kidd back?

At the end of tonight’s Chicago Fire season 10 episode 9 we saw the return of Miranda Rae Mayo (finally!) as Stella Kidd. With that being said, though, is she really back for good? We understand the concern but, at least for now, there are some reasons for optimism. Speaking to TVLine, here is what show boss Derek Haas had to say about Kidd coming back — but also some of what’s ahead of her as she explains to Kelly, Boden, and others why she was gone for so long:

‘Chicago Fire’: Stella Kidd Actor Miranda Rae Mayo Notably Absent from Fall Finale Pictures

Tomorrow night finally debuts the long-awaited midseason finale of “Chicago Fire.” As such, fans are left worrying about the status of Stella Kidd and whether this episode marks her last on the hit show. Many have pointed out ahead of the brand new episode that Stella is notably absent from fall finale photos. That is despite executive producer Derek Haas’s promise that Stella would return to screens prior to the New Year.

Chicago Fire: Miranda Rae Mayo to star in new movie Daddy

Miranda Rae Mayo has been absent from most of Chicago Fire season 10, which led some fans to speculate that the actress may be busy with other ventures. While there were no reports of Mayo being swamped with outside work, it turns out that she has been pulling double-duty outside of the 51.

‘Chicago Fire’ Stars Miranda Rae Mayo and Yuriy Sardarov Reuniting in Cast of New Film

It’s been several seasons since we’ve seen “Chicago Fire” fan-favorite character Brian “Otis” Zvonecek, played by actor Yuriy Sardarov. Outsiders may recall the actor‘s departure following his character’s death in season eight. However, now, alongside “Chicago Fire’s” Miranda Rae Mayo, who plays Stella Kidd, Saradarov will make a new appearance. Together, he and Mayo star in the cast of a brand new show.

Chicago Fire season 10: When is Stella, Miranda Rae Mayo returning?

When is Stella Kidd (and Miranda Rae Mayo) returning to Chicago Fire season 10? We know this is a question a lot of people want answers to. She’s been gone for a little while now, as she’s been working to institute a version of Girls on Fire out on Boston.

‘Chicago Fire’: Stella Actor Miranda Rae Mayo May Be Leaving Show But Isn’t ‘Ready’ to Say Goodbye

Although she may be departing from Chicago Fire at the end of 2021, Miranda Rae Mayo admits that she isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the hit series just yet. During her recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago Fire star discussed whether her character, Stella Kidd, is on her way to becoming a lieutenant at a new firehouse. “Fingers crossed,” Mayo declared. “I’m not ready [to say goodbye to Stella].”

Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire? Why is Stella Kidd gone?

Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire just like Jesse Spencer did? We know there are Stella Kidd questions aplenty, especially given how long the character has been gone. Luckily, what we’re here to do in this article is put your mind at (relative) ease: The character will be coming back! In a new post on Instagram (see below) leading into the episode tonight, Mayo made it clear that Stella is still going to be in Boston, where she is working on a new chapter of Girls On Fire. However, she also stated that you will have a chance to see Kidd again and there’s nothing to worry about in that department.