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Bass Lines: Miles Davis – “All Blues”

This month we are going to cover, Miles Davis – “All Blues”!. “All Blues” is a jazz composition by Miles Davis. It is a twelve-bar blues in 6/8. A particularly distinctive feature of the piece is the bass line that repeats through the whole piece, except when a V or ?VI chord is reached (the 9th and 10th bars of a chorus). Further, there is a harmonically similar vamp that is played by the horns (the two saxophones in the case of Kind of Blue) at the beginning and then (usually) continued by the piano under any solos that take place. Each chorus is usually separated by a four-bar vamp which acts as an introduction to the next solo/chorus.
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Happy Birthday Miles Davis: Opening For Grateful Dead At The Fillmore West In 1970

Today marks what would have been the 95th birthday of Miles Davis. There are few jazz musicians as revered and influential as Davis, who passed away in 1991 at the age of 65. With his trumpet in hand, Miles consistently expanded the language of the genre, fusing styles and sounds as he recruited many of the all-time great jazz players for his groundbreaking recordings.
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Happy Birthday Miles Davis!

Miles Davis was born on May 26, 1926 in Alton, Illinois. His father worked as a dentist and his mother was a music instructor. Davis was actually born Miles Dewey Davis III, with an older sister named Dorothy Mae and a younger brother named Vernon. Did you know?. Miles was...

Miles Davis

It’s March 30, 1974 and Carnegie Hall is filling up with twenty and thirty something members of the counter culture alongside high-brow jazz fans to see Miles Davis and his band perform. While the older generation hoped to hear tracks from Davis’ cool jazz period, the younger crowd hopes to hear something more akin to the music found on Bitches Brew, released four year prior. It’s safe to say none of them anticipated what they would hear that night, it is even less likely they recognized how far outside of jazz the music captured that night, and later released as Dark Magus, would likely extend.
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Ron Carter: “Miles Davis was great. He never told me what not to play. We’d never talk about changes or tempo“

If your life’s achievements add up to a quarter of what Ron Carter has done in his career so far, you’ll have led a first-class sojourn on this planet. Recognized as a Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, a major cultural honor in France, and a prestigious award no matter where you happen to live, Carter has a bewildering array of data on his resumé.

Kind of Blue: how Miles Davis made the greatest jazz album in history

What Miles Davis, had he been alive today, would have made of the sumptuous reissue package Kind of Blue: 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is anybody’s guess. Those close to him spoke of his ambivalence towards his past achievements, one moment regarding them with pride, the next as a burden. When, in the 1970s, the great Jimmy Cobb, the drummer on the album that he once described as having been “made in heaven”, was given a rare live tape recorded by the Kind of Blue band shortly before its break-up, he immediately took it around to share with his old boss. “Miles wouldn’t even open his door, telling Jimmy through the intercom to slide it under,” wrote author and critic Eric Nisenson. “Jimmy, who used to be close to Miles and is a very sensitive person, simply left.”
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Great Songwriters on Great Songs: Chick Corea on “Someday My Prince Will Come” by Miles Davis

Written in 1937 by Morey & Churchill for Disney’s Snow White, it’s considered one of the greatest film songs of all time, and a favorite of jazz artists. Chick Corea, one of the most beloved and legendary American jazz artists of our time, died on February 9th, 2021 at the age of 78. A legendary musician—one of many legends launched by playing in Miles Davis’ band—he was a bandleader, composer, piano/keyboard virtuoso, and self-declared “blotter of all music.” He wrote a rich songbook of jazz standards and gems, including “Spain,” “500 Miles High,” “La Fiesta,” and “Armando’s Rhumba.”

10 Tracks by Miles Davis I can’t do without… by Jonathan Gee

Pianist Jonathan Gee has always found joy, education and inspiration in the music of Miles Davis. Not just in the man himself but in the playing of his many fine associates, not just in acoustic Miles or electric Miles, but all the way along his long musical path, and not only in the performances of individual musicians but how they operate as bands. Here, in our series by musicians writing about their icons, he picks ten personal favourites:

Song of the Day: Miles Davis, “Gone”

“Gone” is officially the only original composition from Gil Evans and Miles Davis’ Porgy & Bess. Credited to the former, it is a variation on the original, funereal “Gone, Gone, Gone” from George Gershwin’s blues-based jazz opera score. In preceding it, “Gone” is defined by a brisk, upbeat tempo weaving naturally around a series of drum breaks. It also features a stellar, centerpiece Davis solo on trumpet.

Rewind to classic show and celebrate Chick Corea, renowned Miles Davis, Return To Forever pianist

Recalling pianist extraordinaire Chick Corea’s classic Chicagoland collaboration with the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. The amount of piano players who fall into the elite caliber of Chick Corea can probably be counted one hand, who when paired with the world-renowned Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra, could only mean a match made in the genre’s supreme utopia of survivors.

Kat Von D's Miles Davis Tattoo Draws Copyright Infringement Suit

A Los Angeles photographer claims he is the sole and exclusive owner of the image, which Von D tattooed for a customer and posted to her Instagram account in March 2017. A Los Angeles photographer is suing celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D over a Miles Davis tattoo she drew for a customer and posted to Instagram, according to a 31-page complaint filed Sunday (Feb. 7) in California federal court.