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Mike Tyson gives Humble Response to Deontay Wilder Claiming he could KO Him in His Prime

The former Heavyweight Champions Mike Tyson has responded to Deontay Wilder claiming that he would knock out Mike Tyson when he was in his prime. Deontay Wilder got knocked out by the Gypsy King in the early hours of Sunday morning UK time in Las Vegas. It was a cracking fight, but Tyson Fury showed his class and really does look like one of the best Heavyweights of all time.
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Deontay Wilder's Loss To Tyson Fury Prompted Mike Tyson To Make Bold Claim

Mike Tyson shared an interesting insight following Deontay Wilder’s loss to Tyson Fury. After the back and forth hoopla, Fury and Wilder settled the score in their heavyweight boxing rivalry with the former ending up to be the better fighter. Both colossal heavyweights traded hard punches and scored a knockdown...
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Mike Tyson Reacts To Tyson Fury Knocking Out Deontay Wilder

It has been a surreal few days in boxing after what can only be described as a fight for the ages in the heavyweight division. Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury knocked out Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder in emphatic fashion last weekend in Las Vegas. Done so after getting decked a couple...

When This Writer Met Cus D’Amato, Jim Jacobs and Mike Tyson!

By Ken Hissner: It was September 13th, 1980, when I was in Catskill, New York. I had met Cus D’Amato and Kevin Rooney in Scranton, PA after Rooney defeated Garland Wright three days earlier. I invited myself to Catskill. Upon arriving, I also met Camile Ewald, who ran the house,...

Mike Tyson reveals chaos caused by NELK Boys leaking his phone number

Mike Tyson has finally responded to NELK Boys’ Kyle Forgeard leaking his phone number on stream, with the former boxing champion claiming it caused chaos at the time. Kyle realized he had made a huge mistake on December 6, 2020. During a scheduled gambling stream on Twitch, they invited the heavyweight boxer to join them.

Mike Tyson Reacts To The Fury vs. Wilder Fight

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder put on a show on Saturday. Mike Tyson, one of the greatest boxers ever, says it will go down as an all-time great bout. The two superstar fighters fought for the first time in late 2018. Wilder held on to his Heavyweight Title with a draw, though the decision was controversial to many who believed Fury had done enough to take the decision.

Mike Tyson credits weed and magic mushrooms for new chilled persona

Mike Tyson says the secret to his newly-found happiness later in life lies within the power of psychedelics, and of course, his massive cannabis resort. “The Baddest Man on the Planet” has spoken openly about his pot-smoking for years. He even has a YouTube channel called “HotBoxin” named after that fact.

Mike Tyson Believes In The Power Of Psychedelic Drugs—And He’s Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

Mike Tyson has found peace in psychedelic medicine and now he wants to share that message with the world. Universally recognized as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in history —as well as one of the highest-paid athletes of all time— Tyson is joining the growing list of celebrities advocating for the therapeutic use of psychedelics like “magic mushrooms” and LSD.

Andrew Schulz explains why Tyson Fury is better than Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson

Popular Instagram comedian Andrew Schulz explained why he believes Tyson Fury is the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time and could even beat Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Andrew Schulz gave his reaction to Tyson Fury’s victory against Deontay Wilder after the heavyweight landed an 11th-round knockout against the Bronze Bomber in their October 9 fight.
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Mike Tyson: Fury-Wilder Was All Guts, Heart and Determination

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was very entertained by the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder trilogy fight, which took place last Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Fury retained the WBC heavyweight title when he knocked Wilder out in the eleventh round. Wilder went down in...
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Mike Tyson: Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder All-Time Greats After Epic Trilogy Fight

One of the biggest stars in boxing history is ready to welcome Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder to all-time great status. Mike Tyson took to Twitter following the third edition of the Fury and Wilder rivalry and praised them both for a fight that he said was "all guts, heart and determination" and delivered on sky-high expectations:

Mike Tyson reveals why Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are all-time greats

After witnessing what he says was an all-time great heavyweight battle between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, Mike Tyson also gave big props to one man. “The Baddest Man on the Planet” praised the work of Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott, for an amazing turnaround that kept the former champion in the fight.

Mike Tyson gives Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder verdict in fight ‘bigger than the hype’

Mike Tyson has claimed both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder “reached all-time great status” after completing their trilogy last weekend. The Briton knocked his American rival out in the 11th round in Las Vegas, defending his WBC world heavyweight title to dramatically settle their three-fight feud. And former world champion Tyson was delighted to watch “one of the greatest” fights unfold, with both men enhancing their legacies in the process. “Fury vs Wilder fight will go down as one of the greatest,” Tyson claimed. “Not for skill but for action and excitement. That fight was all guts, heart and...

Tyson Fury is better than Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, trainer claims

Tyson Fury’s trainer SugarHill Steward has made a huge claim by saying the heavyweight is better than Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.Fury will look to further his legacy on Saturday as he defends his WBC belt in a trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder. The British star won the belt by defeating Wilder in their second bout with their first being ruled a split draw.Steward explained why he believes Fury is the greatest of all time, telling the Daily Mail: “I think about how Tyson has the characteristics of Lewis, Klitschko, Ali, Tyson and all the great heavyweights. He...

Mike Tyson Didn’t Take Vax Willingly

(Undated) — Mike Tyson is vaccinated against coronavirus, but he didn’t want to be. The boxing legend told USA Today he was apprehensive of the shot and only got it because he has to travel internationally. Tyson said he decided to take the risk and feels great. He also said he thinks he might have had COVID-19 at one point.