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Pastor Mike Todd Apologizes Over Spit Video

A Tulsa, Oklahoma clergyman who went viral over a spitty sermon is offering an apology and acknowledging the obvious; it was disgusting. Pastor Mike Todd made stomachs churn Monday after a video surfaced of him hocking up Leviticus loogies and rubbing it across the face of a congregant. While noting...

Pastor Mike Todd Responds After Coming Under Fire For Saliva Sermon

It was a nasty day for churchgoers this past weekend. Michael Todd, a pastor at Tulsa’s Transformation Church, came under fire for his Sunday sermon after rubbing his saliva on a parishioner’s face. The churchgoer was apparently his younger brother, regardless, the incident left much of his congregation disgusted. In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s probably a bad idea to rub saliva on another’s face.

Pastor Mike Todd releases apology after saliva-filled sermon receives waves of backlash

Pastor Mike Todd from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been the center of controversy this week after going viral for rubbing his spit, yes spit, all over a congregant’s face. His intended message was “Receiving Vision from God Might Get Nasty”, but all viewers could focus on was the gruesome, extreme, and frankly unnecessary imagery used to get the point across.

Pastor Mike Todd apologizes for smearing spit on churchgoer's face

TULSA, Okla.— The widely-broadcasted pastor of an Oklahoma church, Michael "Mike" Todd, is issuing an apology after a viral video showed him smearing spit on a churchgoer's face during a sermon. According to Scripps sister station KJRH, Todd is the preacher at Transformation Church in Tulsa — which pulls...

Who is OK pastor Mike Todd's wife and the mother of his kids, Natalie?

An Oklahoma pastor made unlikely headlines yesterday by spitting into his hand and wiping it over the face of a parishioner who, TMZ later revealed, was his younger brother. But who is pastor Mike Todd’s wife of 11 years, Natalie Todd, and do they have kids?. Who are pastors...

Viral Social media Pastor Mike Todd wipes spit on man’s face During sermon

Social Media is spiraling after a video posted by Transformation Church showing their pastor, Michael Todd, rubbing his spit on a man’s face has gone viral. On Sunday during his sermon, he was trying to get a message to his congregation about “the possibility of a receiving a negative response from people while receiving blessings from God.” Todd stated, “Receiving vision from God might get nasty.” The pastor then proceeded to cough mucus and spit into his hand then rub it on the face of one of his members. This member had willingly offered themselves up to be an example for his message.