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UConn men’s hockey hires Mike Pereira as new assistant

UConn men’s hockey will hire Mike Pereira as its new assistant coach, a source told The UConn Blog. Pereira is the younger brother of former associate head coach Joe Pereira, who left for the same position at Boston University last week. He was offered, and accepted, the job on Wednesday and will start next week.
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Mike Pereira Discusses USFL Rules on Social Media

After last week, there’s nobody that can be upset by the lack of news coming of out the USFL. It was their biggest week to date by far. We learned about new partnerships, the location of the playoffs and championship game, all eight team uniforms were revealed and they capped everything off with more details on the inaugural draft.

Mike Pereira Talks USFL Rules, Highlighting Officials, Fans Input On Replays

USFL Head of Officiating Mike Pereira dropped some exciting news last night on Twitter. Could the USFL give us more access to referee calls and a say on replay?. “It’s seems a bit early but it’s time to follow @USFL. We are going to do things on the site that have never been done before. We will highlight the rules and officials. We even might use your input to make replay decisions. Follow me on @USFL.”

USFL Head Of Officiating Mike Pereira Talks USFL Rules, Lasers Coming In 2022

Mike Pereira, the USFL’s Head of Officiating, was a recent guest on the Green Light Podcast With Chris Long. Most of their conversation centered around last week’s NFL playoff games. Towards the end of the interview, they talked more about the USFL rules coming in 2022. “All I...

Mike Pereira Discusses USFL Officiating on Green Light Podcast

We’re less than three months out from when the USFL plans to hit the field. Yet, there’s still a lot to learn about the new league. We have all of the teams, half of the coaches and many are still waiting to hear the rule set. With Mike...

Mike Pereira Reveals True Feelings On Cowboys-49ers Refs

The officiating during Sunday’s Wild Card matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers had fans and analysts from around the league scratching their heads. And that questionable performance from the referee crew came to a head with the final play of the Cowboys’ 23-17 loss. After...