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Legendary Animator Ian Emes, Creator of Animations for Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Wings and More To Launch Online Store

For the first time ever the amazing artworks of Ian Emes are available in an official range of apparel, accessories, prints and other media. The Ian Emes Online Store will enable you to enter the mind of the genius who created the incredible animations for Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Wings and more. Ian Emes is one the greatest living British animators, his seminal works embedded into the history of rock ‘n’ roll.
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Dracula, Mike Oldfield and Moogs: Magenta visit the dark side on Masters Of Illusion

Welsh proggers Magenta have returned to their signature sound on Masters Of Illusion. Robert Reed discusses marrying his pop background with prog, horror actors and the perils of social media. Received wisdom defines Magenta pithily. “Neo-prog, female singer,” Robert Reed laughs wryly. But over more than two decades, some of...
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Brian Blessed to MC Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells at new live performance

Actor Brian Blessed OBE will compere a short run of special live shows to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mike Oldfield's groundbreaking 1973 debut album Tubular Bells later this year,. The actor, who also acted as compere and narrator at Rick Wakeman's Six Wives Of Henry VIII shows at Hampton...

Mike Oldfield Scales New Heights With ‘Hergest Ridge’

Mike Oldfield likely never expected to be following up a massively successful debut album. But that’s the situation he found himself in after Tubular Bells became a sensation. Rather than try to replicate that album’s sound, however, Oldfield went in another direction… And somehow came out the other side with yet another blockbuster. Indeed, in the NME of August 24, 1974, four days before the LP’s release, the paper’s deputy editor announced in a feature headline: “Hergest Ridge Will Sell A Bomb.” The NME was not wrong.

50 years since Mike Oldfield began writing Tubular Bells: the pioneering album that changed the sound of music

English composer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield began writing Tubular Bells 50 years ago, at the age of 17. The record, released two years later, was the first on Richard Branson’s newly established Virgin label and remains Oldfield’s highest selling and best known album to date. An instrumental work, Tubular Bells is 49 minutes and 16 seconds long presented in two parts, each taking up one side of the original vinyl release. The album was pioneering in many ways, from its use of bells to electric guitars recorded at half speed, and has been credited as an early example of new age...

How Mike Oldfield made Crises and ended up with a Top Five hit single!

According to Richard Branson, Virgin were looked on as a hippie label that was not really serious, and I was their one hit artist,” says Mike Oldfield assessing his and the record label’s situation back in 1977. “So they were feeling a little foolish, I suppose, and this is why they signed the punk acts and switched all their attention onto them. At the time Richard was quite a close friend, he was my manager as well, but I felt a little brushed under the carpet.”

‘Tubular Bells’: Mike Oldfield Launches Virgin Records – And Himself

Two names were newly on the lips of record buyers on May 25, 1973. They were those of Virgin Records and Mike Oldfield. The multi-instrumentalist was unveiling the record that was not only his own solo debut, but the first album release on the newly-formed record label. To say that both started with a winner is a massive understatement of the incredible global popularity of Tubular Bells.

Pictures In The Dark: The Best Mike Oldfield Soundtrack Appearances

To the man on the street, Mike Oldfield, born on May 15, 1953, will forever remain synonymous with The Exorcist, William Friedkin’s groundbreaking 1973 film that, decades after its release, remains a chilling watch – with no small thanks to its iconic use of “Tubular Bells,” leading many to assume that the film boasted an entire Mike Oldfield soundtrack. That wasn’t the case, but a decade after that film terrorized cinema-goers, the first bona fide Mike Oldfield soundtrack emerged when he scored The Killing Fields, the 1984 dramatization of two journalists’ experiences in the Cambodian civil war. His moving soundtrack was the perfect accompaniment to director Roland Joffé’s award-winning film and cemented Oldfield’s reputation as a far-reaching composer whose music pushed the boundaries of technology while providing an undeniable emotional impact.

Echoes Podcast: Mike Oldfield and Henrik Lindstrand

Henrik Lindstrand, keyboardist for the Danish Alt-rock band, Kashmir, takes the neo-classical, solo piano route on a trilogy of recordings, Leken, Nattresan and Nordhem. These are a long way from his albums with Kashmir which showed influences of Radiohead, Emo and pop-punk. These are introspective works which still have some strange sounds although everything comes from the grand piano. We go inside the creaky piano sound of Henrik Lindstrand in the Echoes Podcast.