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Bloomberg Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone Believes Bitcoin Will Surge To $40k

After exploring the likelihood of capitulation in a recent tweet, Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone feels bitcoin is “more likely” headed for $40K rather than $20K. El Savador Bitcoin Adoption Will Propel Bitcoin. Following El Salvador’s announcement that bitcoin (BTC) is now legal cash in the country, bitcoin...
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Bitcoin Is Replacing Gold w/ Mike McGlone of Bloomberg Intelligence

4:20 What can prevent Bitcoin from going to $100,000. 9:00 The consequences of not having Bitcoin in your portfolio. 21:56 Will other automakers start accepting Bitcoin?. 33:40 What will happen to GBTC when ETFs are approved?. 35:38 On Coinbase stock. 39:40 On intrinsic value. 42:40 Deflationary economy and the role...

Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone: Bitcoin Ready to Flip Gold with $50K in Sight

An estimate of Bitcoin’s volatility index from the last 60 days shows that it’s been around 4.61%. In the wake of a new digital era, Bitcoin is quickly becoming the champion. In its rise, it is becoming evident that gold has no place in the new world. Bitcoin just edges gold in every attribute and with Bitcoin dropping its infamous volatility, adoption coming at it from an institutional approach, the future has never looked brighter. So is Bitcoin about to flip Bitcoin? Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone certainly thinks so. In a report, the commodity strategist illustrated Bitcoin’s potential. McGlone proved the digital asset is gaining greater appeal than Bitcoin, and further increasingly attracting gold investors who are pulling their money out of gold and into Bitcoin. McGlone has gone further to predict that Bitcoin will reach $50K and its volatility could reach gold’s levels.

Bloomberg's Mike McGlone says BTC could be headed to $50K as gold loses appeal

Bitcoin will continue its bullish push towards $50,000 as investors move funds out of gold and into the digital asset, according to Bloomberg senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone. In a report published on Wednesday, McGlone explained that BTC is showing strong support at $30,000, and “increasing institutional adoption and the...

Bitcoin Is Now Less Risky Than Dow, According to Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone

Bloomberg’s senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone notes that Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has become less risky than the Dow in his Crypto Outlook report for February. Our graphic depicts a prime indicator for the Bitcoin-to-Dow price ratio to extend beyond 1-to-1: volatility on the crypto appears to be in...

Bitcoin Set to Match Gold’s Risk Measures by 2024 - Mike McGlone

“We see it as normal for a potentially revolutionary asset on a trajectory to match gold’s risk measures by about 2024,” McGlone explains, adding this is also the timeframe for the next Bitcoin halving. “Backward-looking volatility metrics fail to consider a primary component of Bitcoin’s future - fixed supply -...