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Mike Lane: Mixed Race Sweetie (in LA)

Pleasantly combining humor and heart, “Mixed Race Sweetie” is a solo comedy show about finding an identity to call your own. Written and performed by Mike Lane (half-Chinese, half-Irish), “Mixed Race Sweetie” uses stand up, personal stories and songs to explore what it means to grow up mixed race Asian, deal with grief and obsess with early 2000’s pop punk.
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Letter: Vote Mike Lane for Legislature

Since the start of COVID, Tompkins County has been putting all its meetings on YouTube, and I’ve been able to watch a lot of them. I’ve learned how complex the issues are and how many different things our county government manages! The budget is about $195 million, and there are 27 different departments.

Letter: Re-elect Mike Lane for Legislature

Mike Lane is dedicated to public service and in my opinion has done a great job of it. He is open minded. He seeks and hears the different possibilities for solving issues. His decisions are based on what benefits the community. He will stand up against proposals that harm the community even if they are popular.

Remembering BPD Sgt. Mike Lane

BEAUMONT — From Beaumont Police Department - Today the Beaumont Police Department remembers Sgt. Mike Lane, killed in the line of duty on September 16, 2004, when the department helicopter he was riding in crashed. Sergeant Lane and a deputy from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office were investigating reports of...
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Mike Lane

Michael Don Lane, a long-time Bandon resident, passed away in his home during the Perseid meteor shower on August 14, 2021 at the age of 72. Michael was born in Auburn, Washington in 1949 to Kenneth DeLyle Lane and Margaret Lenore (Rowley). He was known through childhood as being good-natured but stubborn and mischievous. Though he proudly engineered a TPing of the Space Needle in 1966 and was voted class clown, he had a fine-tuned moral compass his entire life.

Jesup police chief Mike Lane has been fired

JESUP, Ga. — Mike Lane has been fired as the Chief of Police in Jesup. According to the city, the termination is effective as of Thursday, February 11. Former Chief Lane retains grievance rights under the Employee Handbook. Captain Perry Morgan and Captain Alex Reddish will jointly assume the roles...