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Exclusive Man of God Trailer Starring Mickey Rourke and Aris Servetalis

ComingSoon is excited to debut the Man of God trailer for director and writer Yelena Popovic’s upcoming film, which is out July 26 on video on demand services. It stars Aris Servetalis as Saint Netktarios, Alexander Petrov as Kostas, Mickey Rourke as Paralyzed Man, Christos Loulis as School President, and Karyofyllia Karabeti as Voula.
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Mickey Rourke Had An Accent In Iron Man 2 Because Mickey Rourke Demanded It

"Iron Man 2" is an awkward entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, continuing the story of Tony Stark while following up on the big Avengers promise that the previous film's post-credits scene teased. The characterization of the vengeful tech genius Ivan Vanko, aka Whiplash, was unfortunately one of the casualties of this uneven balancing act. However, Mickey Rourke did provide the more memorable aspects of the supervillain, including his delectably menacing Russian accent.
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Mickey Rourke Denies Report About Bizarre Demands for ‘Iron Man 2’

A new Vulture report has shed more light on the behind-the-scene chaos of Iron Man 2. According to MCU insiders, Mickey Rourke laid out several strict demands before accepting the role as villain Ivan Vanko/Whiplash, despite his unfamiliarity with the character or the Iron Man comic. “What’s Iron Man 2?...

Mickey Rourke Demanded ‘Iron Man 2’ Character Had ‘Samurai Bun,’ Russian Accent, and a Bird on His Shoulder

Click here to read the full article. Update, April 29 at 4:31 p.m. ET: Mickey Rourke’s manager Kimberly Hines denied that the actor came up with specific demands for his “Iron Man 2” character. “Simply not true,” Hines shared in an email to Insider. Published, April 28 at 6:00 p.m. ET: Mickey Rourke has slammed Marvel for perpetuating “crap” acting, but the Oscar nominee allegedly was unaware of the MCU prior to signing on to “Iron Man 2.” Rourke pocketed a Golden Globe Best Actor win for “The Wrestler” before joining the film, and a source close to the actor claims the former...

Mickey Rourke Had Some Bonkers Demands In The MCU, Despite Never Having Read The Script (Or Knowing Who ‘Iron Man’ Was)

To say that Mickey Rourke did not have a great experience making Iron Man 2 just might be the understatement of the century. Since the movie’s original release in 2010, the Oscar-nominated actor (and SVU superfan) has taken every possible opportunity to trash the Iron Man sequel and Marvel at large. But it sounds like the feeling could most definitely have been mutual.

Mickey Rourke faces backlash after praising Roman Polanski: ‘I can’t wait to do another film with him’

Mickey Rourke has faced a backlash after sharing praise for disgraced film director, Roman Polanski.On Thursday 14 April, the actor posted a photo on Instagram of himself from behind the scenes of his latest movie, which he has been working on in Switzerland with the Polish-French director.Rourke’s caption reads: “End of the day, once again, a great pleasure to work with legendary and talented Roman Polanski. Working with such a director I feel is a great privilege his film has such integrity, style, class and unpredictability.“You know, working with the man who’s been in a film business nearly 60...

Mickey Rourke Reveals Bloody and Painful Forehead Injury in New Photos

Mickey Rourke grossed out his followers on Instagram Tuesday by sharing a photo of a gnarly head injury he suffered recently. The Wrestler star shared a close-up look at a gash on his forehead, with his eyes squinting in pain. Rourke was in a much better mood when he went out for lunch with Al Pacino just days before the accident.

Mickey Rourke reveals gruesome gash on his head

He wiped out. Mickey Rourke revealed in an Instagram post Tuesday that he recently fell and hit his head. The “Killshot” star shared a photo himself with a bloody gash on his forehead and wrote in the caption, “Looks like my skateboarding days are over 🙄.” In the comments section, people disputed whether Rourke, 69, should give up the action sport altogether at his age. “Micky [sic] and I are both going on 70 which means certain things like skateboarding is not a good idea,” one fan argued. Meanwhile, another encouraged Rourke to keep it up — but with a caveat, “Never say never bro,...

Mickey Rourke Retires From Skateboarding After Injury

Mickey Rourke is retiring his skateboard. The 69-year-old star of the Wrestler posted a selfie on Instagram Tuesday (April 5th) showing a bloody gash on his forehead. The actor wrote in the caption, “Looks like my skateboarding days are over.”. It is unclear if he was skateboarding for a...

Jason Patric, Keli Price, Jack Kesy, Penelope Ann Miller, Mickey Rourke & More To Topline Action-Thriller ‘Murder At Hollow Creek’

Click here to read the full article. EXCLUSIVE: Jason Patric (Wayward Pines), Keli Price (The Hyperions), Jack Kesy (Sheroes), Penelope Ann Miller (Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story), Perrey Reeves (Paradise City), Tiffany Hines (Magnum P.I.), Casper Van Dien (All American) and Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) are set to star in Murder at Hollow Creek, a new action-thriller from director David Lipper (Wolf Mountain) that is on the cusp of wrapping production. The film written by Keli Price (On Thin Ice) follows a disbarred lawyer (Price) and his eccentric brother (Kesy) who, with their little sister dying and no...

Mickey Rourke recalls being blacklisted in Hollywood, how a priest ‘saved’ him: ‘You’ve gotta be tough’

Mickey Rourke didn’t flinch when he was offered the chance to appear in a faith-based film. The veteran actor and former boxer is featured in "Man of God," which centers on St. Nektarios of Aegina, a Greek Orthodox saint known as a priest of the common people during the 19th century. Despite being exiled from Egypt, he cared for the poor, taught peasant girls to read and write, as well as established a convent on a barren island that still stands as a beacon to pilgrims, Variety reported.