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Michelle Yeoh Teased Jackie Chan For Not Doing ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’: ‘Your Loss, My Bro’

Michelle Yeoh has been receiving some of the best reviews of her career with Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is saying something considering she was outstanding right from the start. But she wasn’t the filmmakers’ first pick. That would be her sometime co-star Jackie Chan. Yeoh was the one who convinced Chan, who used to have issues about women doing martial arts, that women could do martial arts. How did she do that? By taking after him and almost killing herself to entertain. And when he reached out to congratulate her on the film’s success, she couldn’t help but tease him.
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Michelle Yeoh says she teased Jackie Chan for rejecting ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ role: “Your loss, my bro”

Michelle Yeoh has said she texted Jackie Chan teasing him about turning down the lead role in Everything Everywhere All At Once. The martial arts legend was originally envisioned by directors and writers Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan as playing the movie’s lead role. However, when he said he was unavailable, they rewrote the part for Yeoh.
Picture for Michelle Yeoh says she teased Jackie Chan for rejecting ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ role: “Your loss, my bro”

Michelle Yeoh: ‘I waited a long time for this. I was patient. I was resilient’

Twice, Michelle Yeoh thought her career was over. In 1995, working on The Stunt Woman with Sammo Hung, she hurtled from an 18ft overpass onto a moving truck. Yeoh misjudged the jump, fracturing a vertebra and several ribs on impact. It wasn’t her first injury; by then she was approaching nearly a decade working as one of Hong Kong’s high-kicking action stars alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. But it was her worst accident yet. Yeoh was immobilised in a neck and back brace, wondering why on earth she did what she did. “Back then, the fights were insane. No...

Michelle Yeoh says Chinese film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ‘didn’t change anything’ for Asian representation in Hollywood

Michelle Yeoh has said the groundbreaking film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon “didn’t change anything” for Asian visibility in cinema.The actor is receiving huge acclaim for her role in Everything Everywhere All At Once, which has become a sleeper hit since it’s release in the US last month.Speaking to The Independent, Yeoh, 59, acknowledged that she is now “suddenly known by the younger generation” due to the film’s success. “They can relate to me suddenly and I think that’s a great achievement,” she said, adding: “I am very grateful that Everything Everywhere… is making a difference in their lives.”Elsewhere in...

'American Born Chinese': Stephanie Hsu Joins Her ‘Everything Everywhere' Co-Star Michelle Yeoh in Disney+ Series

Since its announcement back in October, the upcoming Disney+ series American Born Chinese has been putting together quite a collection of talent both in front and behind the camera. Now, another all-star actress can be added to that list. Variety is reporting that Stephanie Hsu, star of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, has been cast in a guest starring role in the action-comedy.

Michelle Yeoh Shares Her Met Gala Beauty Secrets, From Sheet Masks to Brisk Walks

Michelle Yeoh’s ultimate beauty secret involves an icon too grand for any makeup bag. “For me exercising is the most important,” the celebrated actor says from The Carlyle Hotel, mere hours before the Met Gala, “and when I’m here in New York, I love walking around Central Park—I mean literally the whole circle around the park, which is what I did yesterday and what I did this morning.”