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Tech Forum: Michelle Phan on the Intersection of Gaming, Crypto and Shopping

Click here to read the full article. When Michelle Phan began uploading videos to YouTube in 2007, the platform was in its relative infancy. User-generated content hadn’t yet been established as a vital tool for brands to effectively connect with consumers, and the idea of content creation as a profession was a far cry from the burgeoning field it is today.  Given social media’s ever-growing influence over consumers’ purchasing decisions, however, user-generated content has now cemented its central role in digital marketing, and brands have been tasked with reimagining their strategies accordingly if they wish to thrive in the era of...
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Michelle Phan Tells Followers She Healed Man's Legs With Her Mind

Beauty vlogger Michelle Phan seems to have ditched luminous foundations and brilliant eyeliners for a more, shall we say, celestial path. The founder of Em Cosmetics recently shared with followers that she was capable of healing a man in a wheelchair, after learning how to master “brain and heart coherence.” Phan wrote on her Instagram stories that the miraculously cured person – who has yet to speak of this heavenly experience – is “not only walking now, but dancing with joy.”
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How Michelle Phan Made Her Big Comeback

While many of her fans thought she had left social media for good, they were delighted when the beauty YouTuber returned to the platform in 2019. After Michelle Phan appeared on the cover of Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, founded two companies and made $60,000 a month from YouTube, she took an unannounced leave from the internet. Her leave was so abrupt that some fans speculated she had died, and even some of her professional colleagues had no clue as to her whereabouts.

Michelle Phan urges beauty influencers to be honest about using filters

Michelle Phan has urged beauty influencers on YouTube to be honest about when they use filters. The 34-year-old makeup artist - who amassed a following of almost 9 million by sharing beauty tutorial videos before founding the multimillion dollar cosmetics line EM Cosmetics - thinks that YouTubers should notify viewers that their appearance has been altered by a filter.
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Why Michelle Phan Will Always Take a Sweatpants Approach to Makeup

While filters and a full face beat have become checkboxes for today's beauty content creators, you still won't find Michelle Phan, one of the original beauty YouTubers, wearing over-lined lips or drawn-on brows on an average day. Phan has gained millions of subscribers in her decade plus long career for...

Beauty Mogul Michelle Phan Has Come a Long Way Since Her Days on YouTube

It’s safe to say that Michelle Phan, one of YouTube’s original beauty gurus from the late ’00s, has paved the way for today’s generation of aspiring beauty content creators. Born in Boston and hailing from a Vietnamese family, Phan began posting tutorial vlogs on Xanga under her username Ricebunny. Shortly...

Michelle Phan on Influence (and How to Use It)

When Michelle Phan parts her lips — Ferrari red and lacquered, or Krispy Kreme cream and glazed, or vigorous pink but embalmed in balm — it is extremely important to pay attention to what comes next. As a fledgling beauty vlogger in the early aughts, Phan predicted the economy of influence that now powers the billion-dollar beauty industry. As a successful beauty vlogger in the early '10s, Phan wondered if direct-to-consumer sampling could be lucrative; the subscription box she cofounded in 2011, Ipsy, now brings in a reported half billion dollars each year. She took a break from social media in 2016, years before it was fashionable to do so, due to, among other things, an almost pathological addiction to career success. And then she came back because her work wasn’t done.
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Beauty Inside and Out: Michelle Phan

In the ultimate quest for inner beauty and outer glow, Marie Claire asks our favorite trailblazers to share intel on finding balance in their busy lives. Read it all here, in Beauty Inside & Out. At 33, Vietnamese-American makeup artist and Em Cosmetics founder Michelle Phan is already a beauty...