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Michel Barnier out of French presidential election race

Michael Barnier has been ruled out of the French presidential race after Eric Ciotti and Valarie Pécresse won the first round of the Republican primary on Thursday.Despite poll predictions suggesting the former chief Brexit negotiator and ex-health minister Xavier Bertrand would battle it out for the top spot, a recent surge in popularity for Ciotti and Pécresse saw them quality with 25.6 per cent and 25 percent respectively.The pair are set for a showdown second vote on Saturday to determine who will take on Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election come April 2022.Mr Ciotti is often described as having views...
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Michel Barnier out, hard-Right backer of Eric Zemmour in for final run to lead French conservatives

A hard-Right MP who wants to build a French Guantanamo is a surprise finalist nominee to represent France's main conservative party in next year's presidential election. In a bombshell first-round result, members of the Republicans Party placed Eric Ciotti - who has said he "shares" most of far-Right polemist Eric Zemmour's views - in first place with 25.6 per cent of the vote.
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Michel Barnier: We must fight woke ideology that seeks to destroy a united France

Michel Barnier, the former chief EU Brexit negotiator who hopes to lead the French Right in upcoming presidential elections, has laid into wokeism and cancel culture, calling it a dangerous far-Left threat “we must absolutely fight”. Long known to British observers as a reserved, phlegmatic Brussels technocrat, Mr Barnier has...

Michel Barnier says he won’t apologise for France’s ‘great’ colonial history

Michel Barnier has said he will not apologise for France's “great” colonial history if he becomes president.The EU’s former chief Brexit negotiator is running for head of state in his home country – and has tacked hard to the political right during the course of his campaign. In a debate with other candidates on Sunday night, Mr Barnier was asked about France’s place in the world, and mounted a spirited defence of colonialism.“Our country is a great country, with a great history. I am not in repentance, I will not apologise for our history,” he said.“We have a presence all...

Boris Johnson’s worst nightmare? President Michel Barnier

For the moment, the English are not interested in the French election. Brexit has dulled us into a sleepy indifference about European affairs. Boris Johnson proclaims the arrival of a “global Britain”, an invocation of the time when the UK was a world power. It is becoming a resurrection of the fantasy of an Anglosphere dominating the world.The problem is that US president Joe Biden, who always calls himself an Irishman, is not interested in fuelling this fantasy. Meanwhile, the behaviour of a right-wing Australian prime minister, who is largely unknown in Britain, in deceiving France on submarines has caused...

Michel Barnier: No renegotiation of NI protocol

The EU's former chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, says changes the UK wants to make to the Northern Ireland protocol have caused him to lose trust because what is at stake is not goods or trade but peace. The protocol was very precisely negotiated by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson...

Michel Barnier: why is the EU’s former Brexit chief negotiator sounding like a Eurosceptic?

My Secret Brexit Diary, Michel Barnier’s blow-by-blow account of the Brexit negotiations, is at times quite a dry and technical read. But every now and then it offers glorious moments of comic relief. There is, for example, the day that Lord Digby Jones and a jovial bunch of leave-voting businessmen pitch up optimistically at Barnier’s Brussels office, plonking a patriotic gift-basket on his desk. Running his eye over it, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator spies some cheddar, wine, tea and jam, a book of Shakespeare’s plays and an essay on Winston Churchill’s life and political philosophy. With a smile, Barnier points out that some of the foodstuffs are processed from European products and protected by EU designations of origin. As for Shakespeare and Churchill, one, he suggests, was a very “continental playwright” and the other a “very European British statesman” who backed a united Europe.

My Secret Brexit Diary by Michel Barnier review – a British roasting

Rarely do we see thinking of the other side of a negotiation so quickly, while the trail is still warm. Michel Barnier’s new book helps explain why Britain ended up being comprehensively out-negotiated over Brexit and saddled with a flawed withdrawal agreement and a deeply disadvantageous future relationship, both of which will cause us major problems for decades to come. This is therefore an important account.

Michel Barnier demands return of France's 'sovereignty' from European courts

Michel Barnier said that France had to regain the sovereignty it has lost to European courts on Thursday and called for a referendum on a ban on non-EU immigration. The former Brexit negotiator and EU commissioner was accused of hypocrisy because his comments appeared to contradict many of the positions he took when he was helming talks with the UK.

French presidency: Michel Barnier joins race 'to change France'

Former EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said he wants to take on Emmanuel Macron for the French presidency - as candidate for the right-wing Republicans. He told French TV these were demanding and grave times and he aimed to be president of a "reconciled France". Mr Barnier, 70, is...

Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to stand for president against Macron on anti-immigration platform

Former Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier plans to run for French president as a right-wing candidate against Emmanuel Macron, he has announced.The former European Commission official said he would introduce a moratorium on immigration and “restore the authority of the state” if elected.Mr Barnier, who left the European Commission earlier in March after hitting its mandatory retirement age of 70, was the EU’s most prominent face of Brexit negotiations. A former agriculture and foreign minister, Mr Barnier is one of four candidates to have formally declared their candidacy for the right-wing Les Republicains. The party may hold a primary election...
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Michel Barnier to run in French presidential election

The EU’s former chief negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier, plans to stand as a right-wing candidate against Emmanuel Macron in next year’s French presidential elections, saying that limiting immigration would be a key policy pledge. “In these grave times, I have taken the decision and have the determination to stand...