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Shota Nakajima Announces Two Dinners with Michael Voltaggio

The latest entry in Shota Nakajima’s robust slate of fundraisers brings another notable Top Chef alum to town. Michael Voltaggio, a season six contestant who transcended the early “bad boy who likes foams” pigeonholing to win his season and establish himself in the Bravo firmament, will partner with Nakajima for a pair of dinners in June. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, April 27, at 9am.
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The Hilarious Tattoo Chef Michael Voltaggio Has On His Arm

The Voltaggio brothers are in combat once again as the new Food Network series "Battle of the Brothers" airs on Discovery+. Having just debuted on June 17, the show brings eight aspiring chefs into the kitchen with the restaurateur siblings, and each brother mentors a team that goes head-to-head in cooking competitions, with the ultimate winner given the chance to do a "guest-chef takeover" at one of the brothers' restaurants across the country.
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Bryan and Michael Voltaggio prepare for Battle of the Brothers

After appearing on Tournament of Champions, Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio put sibling rivalry to the test in Battle of the Brothers, a new original culinary competition coming to discovery+. While the Voltaggio brothers have found success both separately as well as with combined projects, the pair always want to be the best in the kitchen. With this newest food television show, which brother will earn culinary supremacy?
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Bryan and Michael Voltaggio Bring Their Sibling Rivalry Into the Kitchen

Brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio started cooking at a young age and, thanks to great mentors, worked their way up the ranks in the restaurant industry. As successful restaurateurs, their secret is they are each other’s greatest competition and inspiration. Now the brothers are bringing that drive and competitive fire to the discovery+ original culinary competition series Battle of the Brothers. On Thursday, June 17, Bryan and Michael welcome eight of the country’s most promising chefs into their kitchen for a culinary competition designed to test the chefs’ talents to see if they have what it takes to succeed in the restaurant world. Week after week the brothers will mentor the chefs as they go head-to-head in the most competitive rivalry the kitchen has ever seen. Only one chef will win the priceless opportunity of a lifetime to take the keys of one of the Voltaggios’ restaurants in a guest-chef takeover to introduce their own vision and put their name on the map.

Chef Michael Voltaggio Raises $10,000 for Vegan Restaurant on Food Network Competition

Los Angeles-based chef Michael Voltaggio recently donated $10,000 to vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen after winning the first round of a cooking competition on the Food Network’s Tournament of Champions. The culinary competition show gives professional chefs an opportunity to compete to win while supporting a restaurant of their choosing with much-needed funds. “I’m playing for Crossroads. It’s a plant-based restaurant here in Los Angeles,” Voltaggio said on the show. “The chef there is a dear friend of mine, and I don’t want to see these restaurants go away.”

Here's What Top Chef Michael Voltaggio Is Up To Now

It's no secret that the culinary world has captured thousands of spectators from across the country as viewers binge-watch seasons of hit TV shows like Iron Chef or Chef's Table. But whether it's competing chefs sweating over hot stoves or chefs cooking in the wild, there's no doubt that culinary shows have become one of the fastest-growing sub-genres in the industry, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Truth About Michael Voltaggio

If you're a Top Chef fan, you watched him take home the title in season six. If you watch Iron Chef America, you've seen him compete against Bobby Flay. If you live in West Hollywood, you may have even frequented his popular sandwich shop. No matter how you know of him, it's no secret that Michael Voltaggio has made quite the name for himself in the culinary world. Not to be confused with his brother, Bryan, Michael's rise to fame started when he was crowned Top Chef back in 2009 but has only continued to grow over the years since (via Bravo).