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Q&A: Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talks governor's basic income proposal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom's revised budget proposal that was released last week includes$35 million for basic income programs statewide. A big supporter of the program is former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. He launched a privately funded guaranteed income program in Stockton in 2019, and a study released in March found that employment rose among those in the free money experiment.
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Gov. Newsom names ex-Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs to state role

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom has named former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs to a role in his administration focused on "opportunity, economic mobility and fighting poverty." Tubbs will become a special advisor for economic mobility and opportunity, working to "build public and political will for policy change," according to...
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Living the Dream: Michael Tubbs

Michael Tubbs grew up in poverty, the son of a teenage mom and incarcerated father, in Stockton, California. However, he refused to allow adversity to block his aspirations. He attended Stanford University on scholarship. After graduating, he returned home and entered the political arena. At age 22, Tubbs won his election bid to become a Stockton City Council member. He was just getting started. In 2016, Tubbs became Stockton's first Black mayor.
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The Fall of Michael Tubbs

With a life story seemingly made for TV and a signature big idea that excited both right and left, Stockton’s Michael Tubbs was on his way to political stardom. What went wrong?