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Michael Tubbs discusses Youth Job Corps program

(KTXL) — July is typically the peak of summertime employment for young people, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sonseeahray spoke with Michael Tubbs, special advisor to the governor for economic mobility and opportunity, about a statewide recruitment effort for the California Youth Job Corps program.
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Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Senator Lena Gonzalez, and Special Advisor Michael Tubbs Join California Volunteers to Launch Statewide Recruitment for Youth Jobs Corps Program

SOUTH GATE, Calif. — California Volunteers, Office of the Governor, Special Advisor Michael Tubbs, California State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, California State Senator Lena Gonzalez, local mayors, and others to announce statewide recruitment efforts for cities and counties that were awarded $35 million to launch #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps.

Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs discusses affordability in California

(INSIDE CALIFORNIA POLITICS) — Michael Tubbs, the former mayor of Stockton and current special advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom for economic mobility and opportunity, joined Inside California Politics co-host Nikki Laurenzo to discuss affordability in California. The discussion came on the heels of the first hearing for California’s Select...
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Michael Tubbs discusses ‘The Deeper the Roots’ among this week’s author talks

Book Passage: 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera; 415-927-0960; Feb. 15: Shayda Kafai discusses “Crip Kinship” with Patty Berne. 5:30 p.m. online; Feb. 16: Michael Tubbs discusses “The Deeper the Roots” with Anna Malaika Tubbs. 1 p.m. online; Feb. 20: Katerina Canyon discusses “Surviving Home” with Lisbeth Coiman. 4 p.m. online.

Michael Tubbs wants to find win-win solutions to CA poverty

The size of California’s economy dwarfs any other state in the U.S. And it’s also the most diverse, thanks to industries like tech, entertainment, agriculture and international trade. But California harbors a dirty secret: It has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. More than 15%...

Omicron Update | Michael Tubbs | This Week in California Politics

The omicron variant has sent coronavirus case rates soaring across the state. More than 20% of all tests have come back positive over the past week, compared with a rate of just about 2% in early December. While space is still available, many hospitals are seeing a rise in the number of patients needing ICU beds, while at-home rapid tests have been selling out and lines for professional PCR testing have grown.

Michael Tubbs Made History As The Youngest And First Black Mayor of Stockton, California. He's Telling His Story.

Michael Tubbs made history in his mayoral term. He talks to ESSENCE about his memoir, “The Deeper the Roots.”. Michael Tubbs rose to fame at the age of 26 when he became the youngest and first Black Mayor of his hometown, Stockton, CA. Five years later, it is clear that Tubbs has embodied his mantra, a verse from Tupac Shakur’s poem, “The Rose that Grew from Concrete,” and made his wildest dreams come to fruition—“Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet.”
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National star Michael Tubbs lost his last race; now he’s facing a tougher foe: poverty in California

It was shocking when rising national Democratic star Michael Tubbs lost the mayorship of Stockton last year to a little-known Republican. Especially to Tubbs. Tubbs had cut a national profile as the youngest-ever mayor of a big city, in part because of his compelling backstory of growing up poor in an often-violent city. Tubbs is the son of a teenage mom and an incarcerated dad who earned a scholarship to Stanford, followed by internships at Google and the White House en route to becoming mayor at 26. Oprah has been in his corner for years and dropped $10,000 on his first City Council campaign. Now 31, he’s been the subject of two documentaries.

Mayor Michael Tubbs Is Not Done Fighting

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the reality of American politics and fundamentally shifted the way government operates in the best interests of people. Throughout the pandemic, millions of Americans have received direct cash in the form of stimulus checks, and parents, a first-of-its-kind expanded child tax credit, that amounted to monthly cash benefit for parents below a certain income threshold.

UOP launches nursing program for all bachelor degrees | Michael Tubbs’ Memoir, ‘The Deeper the Roots’ | California International Marathon

The University of the Pacific launches a new nursing program open to those without a healthcare background and with a bachelor’s degree in any field. Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs’ new memoir, “The Deeper The Roots.” California International Marathon this weekend. Today's Guests. Dean Nicoleta Bugnariu, School of Health Sciences...

Michael Tubbs offers lesson to local politicians

Most public figures pen their memoir after a life of accomplishment, so we found it unusual that the national media have been fawning over “The Deeper the Roots” — a new book by Michael Tubbs, the 31-year-old former Democratic mayor of Stockton. Tubbs had become a national phenomenon even though...