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Michael Symon Makes A Great Point About Food TV's Versatility

Most of us enjoy watching at least one food competition show. Whether it's "Chopped" or "BBQ Brawl," it's adrenaline-inducing fun to watch talented cooks navigate unexpected ingredients and see what they're able to come up with in a short amount of time. Then, there are shows like "Supermarket Stakeout," where...
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Michael Symon Has A Simple Tip For Growing Basil Successfully

Michael Symon, the Cleveland native with the unmistakable belly laugh, is known for his work on the Food Network, including judge and contestant on "Iron Chef" and host of "BBQ Brawl." Symon is also ABC's go-to chef and a former co-host of "The Chew." With half a dozen restaurants and the same amount of bestselling cookbooks, this James Beard Award winner is respected for his approachable, bold cooking style.
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Cleveland native Michael Symon to host new Food Network prime-time series

CLEVELAND — Cleveland native and celebrity chef Michael Symon is hitting the road for a new Food Network primetime series. Symon will host "BBQ USA," a six-episode series offering viewers an inside look at the world of competitive barbecue grilling. The show will feature barbecue competitions across the country, showcasing the talents of grill masters with stops in a diverse range of locales.

Michael Symon Just Lit A Fire About BBQ Methods On Twitter

Summer is grilling season, and that means barbecue. Or does it? There are a lot of myths about barbecue that can be tricky to sort through, and because so many people feel so passionately about different methods of BBQ, discussions about what is or isn't "really" barbecue can get heated fast. That's what recently happened on Twitter, when Food Network chef Michael Symon asked his fans a simple question about ribs. He noted that in BBQ competitions, ribs that fall off the bone are considered overcooked, but that many people actually like their ribs better that way. Then, he bravely asked his Twitter audience what they preferred.

Michael Symon Just Dropped Some Sad News About 'Throwdown'

It's safe to assume that all fans of cooking shows share an interest in food, but many of them also turn to their favorite gastronomic streaming platforms to satisfy their craving for a cut-throat duel. If you were to filter out wholesome how-to shows like "Barefoot Contessa," "Valerie's Home Cooking," and "Nadiya's Time to Eat," what's left is a slew of programs that leave you decidedly more anxious than you'd be after watching Ina Garten roast a chicken.

The New York Restaurant Michael Symon Wants To Open

Let's be honest, being a celebrity sounds kind of exhausting. You work and you work and you work, but your fans, agents, and perhaps family, too, still want more. Take Michael Symon for instance. He's the star of his own show on Food Network, "Throwdown With Michael Symon," he's appeared countless times on other popular shows like "Chopped" and "Iron Chef," he's a grandfather, and, to further add to his impressive resume, Symon just re-opened his Vegas casino restaurant. But fans on Twitter aren't satisfied. That is if we're to go by at least one of their suggestions for the star chef.
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Chef Michael Symon Just Revealed His Secret to a Sparkling Dutch Oven

When it comes to versatile cookware, Dutch ovens are at the top of our list. You can use them for boiling, braising, frying, baking, and everything in between. They can handle blazing temperatures in the oven, high-heat flames on the stovetop, or switch to storage in the fridge, which is why chefs and home cooks use them on the regular.

Why Michael Symon Reassured Fans About His Appearance In BBQ Brawl

Whether you have a passion for barbecuing or a love for all shows involving food, chances are you have seen an episode or two of the Food Network's "BBQ Brawl." Not only is this reality-competition TV show one that you can take BBQ tips from, but you're also likely to be entertained, as it stars some celebrity chefs you love, and some you might love to hate.

How Michael Symon Really Feels About Salt

As usual, chef Michael Symon engaged with fans on Twitter this week. When user Steve Schroeder tweeted at the Food Network star to thank him for his "focus on health," he had one question: "Beside Sugar (my number one health concern), salt has huge health implications, your thoughts?" In response, Symon wrote, "Eliminating processed foods eliminates tons and tons of salt .. which allows me to season the food I make from real food properly."

Here's When Michael Symon Will Re-Open His Vegas Casino Restaurant

Chef Michael Symon may be known by most people as a television chef, appearing on various cooking competition shows and starring in his own, "Throwdown with Michael Symon." But before he became famous for television, Symon was known as a restaurateur and chef. At one time, he had 21 restaurants under his belt, but in recent years, Symon has closed many of his restaurants. One restaurant that he had closed was his Las Vegas outpost of Mabel's BBQ, at the Palms Casino Resort. But fans of barbecue and Vegas might be happy to hear that Mabel's BBQ was only temporarily closed, and Symon recently announced that it is re-opening (via Instagram).

How Michael Symon Keeps Chronic Pain At Bay

While he might live to cook, James Beard Award-winning chef, best-selling author, and food television personality Michael Symon appreciates that food can be more than just an ingredient to curb hunger. Even though he has mastered cooking competitions and served a myriad of guests at his many restaurants, the dishes served at his home table tend to have a particular slant. Although he might have an affinity for his carnivore side, the well-versed chef appreciates that balance is a component of his lifestyle. As seen in his recent cookbooks, Symon has learned to manage his chronic pain with the concept "Fix It with Food."

NH Chronicle: Michael Symon and The Steel Chef Challenge

Monday, April 11th — Tonight, Chef Michael Symon of The Food Network recently hosted "The Steel Chef Challenge," a fundraiser for the NH Food Bank and Erin Fehlau got a chance to talk to him about why he became a chef, how a medical condition he lives with inspired his latest cookbook, and his tricks for winning kitchen battles like Iron Chef.

How Michael Symon Feels About Going On Tournament Of Champions

March Madness may be the premier sporting event of early spring, but over on the Food Network, there's another annual competition that provides just as much thrill: "Tournament of Champions," which made its debut back in 2020. Hosted by Guy Fieri, the bracket-style culinary event sees a group of chefs face off in head-to-head cooking battles with parameters set by a randomizer machine. Following the cook-off, a blind judging determines which of the two dishes was the best, sending one chef to continue on their journey to be crowned the ultimate champion while their competitor is sent home.

Why You Should Buy Vacuum-Sealed Meat, According To Michael Symon

Selecting meat at a grocery store can sometimes feel like playing Russian roulette. Unless you have a close personal relationship with the store's butcher, there's a pretty good chance you don't know exactly what you're getting. Many people in this pickle will assume that their best option comes in a...

The Cleveland 50: Chef Michael Symon Opens Lola in Tremont

Lola helped shoot Symon to celebrity chef status while also putting Cleveland on the culinary map. The day Lola opened, chef Michael Symon borrowed $200 from his father. The Tremont restaurant needed cash in the register, and Symon and his wife, Liz, had only $8 left in their account. “We opened Lola for $125,000," Symon says. Talk about a payoff. Over the next 20 years, Symon would earn national recognition, help spark a downtown renaissance by moving to East Fourth Street and put Cleveland on the culinary map. We talked to Symon, who appears on the Food Network’s Burgers, Brew & ’Que and owns Mabel’s BBQ, about Lola’s legacy.