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Nonfiction Book Club: How to Be Perfect by Michael Schur

It's not always easy to decide what's "good" or "bad", especially in a world with complicated choices and pitfalls. Explore questions like: Can I still enjoy great art if it was created by terrible people? How much money should I give to charity? Why bother being good at all when there are no consequences to being bad?
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TV's Michael Schur is still thinking about the "Trolley Problem"

This is the Radio Boston rundown for April 4. Tiziana Dearing is our host. It's a story straight out of the movies. In 2018, William Hubbard, a podiatrist from Fitchburg Massachusetts, sent his 16-year-old daughter Aislinn to live in Ukraine, so she could train at the prestigious Kyiv Choreographic College. Four years later, he found himself unable to get her and her infant son back out. So, he recently traveled to the war-torn country to help them escape to safety. Today, Hubbard joins us to share his harrowing experience.
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National Writers Series: Michael Schur

Television writer and producer Michael Schur has had a major role in helping create some of the funniest TV shows from the past decade and a half. Those include The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, and his latest, Rutherford Falls. Now he’s written his first book, called “How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question.” It’s a humorous guide to living an ethical life, drawing inspiration from philosophical thought across the centuries. Michael appeared at a virtual National Writers Series event and spoke with his friend Ed Helms, who’s an actor, writer and comedian known for his work on TV shows like The Office and The Hangover movie trilogy.
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Good Place Creator Michael Schur Wonders: What Makes Someone Good or Bad?

When I began working on The Good Place, literally at square one of trying to figure out what made someone “good” or “bad,” I figured that learning the answers would be way easier if I had some actual experts to help me. (Aristotle was right, it turns out—everybody needs a teacher.) I emailed a UCLA professor named Pamela Hieronymi and asked her to meet me for coffee one afternoon, where I was hoping she could explain all of moral philosophy in a tight ninety minutes so I could beat the traffic.[1]
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‘Good Place’ creator Michael Schur asks: How can we live a more ethical life?

Today, you’ve decided to be a good person. You don’t know why, really — you just woke up this morning full of vim and vigor and optimism, despite a world that often seems hellbent on bumming you out, and you hopped out of bed determined to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

Miss the office? Michael Schur – master of the workplace sitcom – on why we should relish our return

One of the first things we knew back in early 2020 was that we wouldn’t be going to work for a while. We thought that we would take a quick break – a week, maybe – and then reassess. So we cleaned out our cubicles and desks, and grabbed a few snacks from the kitchen (and toilet paper from the bathroom). One week became two, which became a month, which became a series of question marks spanning endlessly into the future, as the Zooms and FaceTimes and home office conversions gradually made the very idea of spending our workdays with other people seem like a quaint memory. Like childhood birthday parties, or answering machines, or properly functioning democracy.

Creator of 'The Good Place,' Michael Schur writes a new book, 'How to Be Perfect'

“As a kid, I was extremely concerned with rules. I always wanted to know what the rules were, and I wanted to make sure I was following them,” said Schur. “Then, as I grew up and lived an adult life, I found myself occasionally in some very complicated, weird grown-up situations where I had some kind of dispute with someone… and if I blew it, I would feel like, ‘I wish I had known before this some theory that could have helped me make a better decision.’”

'The Good Place' creator, Michael Schur, takes us to the perfect place

Michael Schur can find the funny in nearly everything. He's one of the principal players behind the comedic tour de force that is the NBC sitcom, "The Office" and it's critically acclaimed and just as funny spiritual sibling, "Parks and Recreation." Side note: In addition to being the co-creator of...

‘The Good Place’ creator Michael Schur explains how to be a good person

You know Michael Schur from the shows he’s created, like The Good Place, Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine This hour we talk with Schur about his latest project: his new book How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question. Through the conversation we discuss moral philosophy, and big moral questions like “should you return your shopping cart to the cart corral?”
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Michael Schur Shares His Favorite Reads in 'Shelf Portrait'

Michael Schur might best be known as the brilliant comedic mind behind beloved shows like Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place, but he's also a voracious reader. (opens in new tab) 'How to Be Perfect'. In honor of his own new book, How to Be Perfect: The...

NWS: Michael Schur (Virtual)

Schur is the creator of "The Good Place" & the co-creator of "Parks and Recreation." He will discuss his first-ever book "How To Be Perfect." Join on Zoom for a virtual discussion of this book that brings fresh, funny, inspiring wisdom on the toughest issues we face every day. Guest host is Ed Helms, actor, writer, producer, & comedian who had his start on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Office.

From “The Good Place” to Traverse City: Michael Schur Joins the National Writers Series

Inspired by his experiences creating “The Good Place” for NBC, Michael Schur is joining Traverse City‘s National Writers Series to talk about his new book “How to Be Perfect.” Before this February 4 event, dive into this exciting Q&A on everything from Schur’s life growing up in Michigan to who really created Galentine’s Day (Schur or Leslie Knope?!).

Why Michael Schur wrote a book delving into philosophy after his experience on The Good Place

Schur had some more philosophical questions he wanted to tackle after The Good Place, so he wrote How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question, which was released earlier this week. The audiobook features narration from The Good Place's Kristen Bell, D’Arcy Carden, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Manny Jacinto, Marc Evan Jackson, Jameela Jamil and the show's philosophy advisor Todd May. As The New York Times' Alexandra Alter notes, "in about 300 pages, Schur covers some 2,500 years of Western philosophical thought, breaking down concepts like virtue ethics, deontology, utilitarianism and contractualism, analyzing principles espoused by Aristotle ('a good salesman, and he gets us all excited about his pitch'), Kant ('a pretty rigid dude') and Camus ('a stone-cold hottie'), and examining arguments from contemporary philosophers like Judith Thomson, Peter Singer, T.M. Scanlon and Johann Broodryk. He raises quandaries that are easy calls ('Should I Punch My Friend in the Face for No Reason?') along with more challenging thought experiments like the Trolley Problem ('Should I Let This Runaway Trolley I’m Driving Kill Five People, or Should I Pull a Lever and Deliberately Kill One (Different) Person?') and fraught issues like whether it’s wrong to enjoy art and literature created by people who behave reprehensibly." Since he is a philosophical layman, Schur is worried about how the book will be received. “I’m terrified of people who know what they’re talking about reading it and saying, ‘You fool,’” he says. “That’s my greatest fear right now, is that someone is going to read it and out loud, alone in his or her office, say the words, ‘You fool.’”

Michael Schur talks new book, 'Field of Dreams' TV adaption on Peacock

"Parks and Rec" co-creator Michael Schur joins the 3rd Hour of TODAY to share how his new book “How to Be Perfect” provides answers to the moral questions he dealt with while working on the series “The Good Place.” Schur also talks about adapting “Field of Dreams” for Peacock, saying, “It’s a very daunting task. I’m a big baseball fan and huge fan of the movie."Jan. 25, 2022.