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Huey Lewis joins Michael Keaton as part of 'Wings Over Water' at the Carnegie Science Center

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Wings Over Water, an IMAX film narrated by Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton opened at Carnegie Science Center on Thursday.Keaton wasn't the only big name who lent his voice to the project. Rock and roll legend Huey Lewis also helped contribute to the music of the film. Wings Over Water addresses the importance of wetlands. "These prairie areas are home to 70-percent of North American birds and last year, think everything's peachy-keen, imagine this: 50 years ago, there were some 3 billion more birds than there are today, so this is important stuff we're talking about here," Lewis said. Wings Over Water is showing in the Rango's Giant Cinema at Carnegie Science Center from now through October 30.
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Michael Keaton to Direct and Star in Noir Thriller 'Knox Goes Away'

Rejoice, fans of Birdman, the Batman movies, and the one or two of you that actually stayed for the post-credits scenes in Morbius. Iconic manifold character actor Michael Keaton is set to step behind the camera for just the second time in his career, preparing to direct the noir thriller Knox Goes Away, in which he's also set to star. The movie was written by Gregory Poirier, best known as the scriptie behind John Singleton's Rosewood, for which he won a major award from the WGA. He was also the creator and writer of ABC's mystery series Missing, starring Ashley Judd. The Wrap reported the news earlier today.

Batman Star Michael Keaton to Direct and Star in New Thriller

Michael Keaton is having a big year. Not only did the legendary actor recently win multiple awards, including a Golden Globe and SAG Award, for his performance in Dopesick, but he is also reprising some of his most iconic roles. Last month, Keaton made a cameo appearance in Morbius as Vulture and will be seen next year playing Batman in The Flash, which will mark his first appearance as the superhero since 1992. Now, Deadline is reporting that Keaton is set to star and direct in a noir thriller titled Knox Goes Away. You can read a description of the film below...

Michael Keaton To Star In & Direct Noir Thriller ‘Knox Goes Away’ – Cannes Market

Click here to read the full article. Michael Keaton is set to star in and direct the noir thriller Knox Goes Away, which was written by Gregory Poirier and is being produced by Brookstreet’s Trevor Matthews and Nick Gordon and Sugar23’s Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta. Carter Stanton will executive produce for Brookstreet and Jillian Kay for Sugar23. The film follows a contract killer who, after being diagnosed with a fast-moving form of dementia, is presented with the opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son. But to do so he must race against the police...