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Taking Action: Michael Jones, Gloria Thompson, Ronald Deskins, Lance Newman

"[The grown-up] kind of impressed upon us the difficulties we might encounter and everything, but it didn't daunt me." Arlington, Virginia. February 2, 1959. Seventh-graders Michael Jones, Gloria Thompson, Ronald Deskins, and Lance Newman enrolled at this school, then known as Stratford Junior High. One hundred police officers stood guard against protests, but the day unfolded peacefully. Desegregation of Virginia's public schools had begun.
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Michael Jones, 38

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Michael Jones, a 38-year-old man, died Sunday, June 6, 2021, after a shooting inside a residence in the Capital City, police say. JPD spokesperson Sam Brown said in a social media post that Jones died after a disagreement with another man at a home on Roland Street near West Capitol Street.
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Michael Jones and Erma Anderson's 50th anniversary

Michael K. Jones and Erma Anderson married 50 years ago on June 7, 1971, in the Logan, Utah, temple. They lived in Utah County while they both finished bachelor’s degrees at Brigham Young University, then they moved to southeastern Idaho. The couple’s homes in Idaho were small and modest, but...
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Michael Jones: The world's tiniest garden

When it comes to gardens, my credo has always been the bigger, the better. More vegetables for me, more to give away to family and friends. A win-win situation. For years,my vegetable garden had been a reasonably hefty 50 feet by 100 feet; enough to keep a family of five in fresh and preserved vegetables year-round.
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OPINION: Michael Jones — Like summer camp for old people

For geezers like me the first few months of this year must have seemed like the best summer camp they had ever attended. What I mean by this is when the COVID-19 pandemic hit this country hard a little more than a year ago it was us old folks — 60 and over — who were hit hardest and bore the brunt of winding up in a grave overlooking Pleasant Valley. The vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 have been with that senior population; accounting for more than three-fourths of those who have died to date.
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OPINION: Michael Jones — Thanks for getting vaccinated

Last week I helped out at the Health Department of Northwest Michigan vaccination clinic held at the Gaylord Evangelical Free Church. Well, I didn’t help so much as stand around in a nifty orange vest and point out to people getting their first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine when it was time to move onto the next step in the process of what they came for: a simple poke in the arm which would give them back a semblance of normalcy and safety pre-COVID.
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Equity, representation, mental health of staff and students key priorities for new MTI President Michael Jones

The recruiting, retaining and nurturing of teachers and staff of color in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) will be a priority for incoming Madison Teachers Inc. President Michael Jones. Representation matters, and that also means emphasizing and uplifting the often-marginalized voices in schools and the community to help determine priorities and brainstorm solutions.
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OPINION: Michael Jones — See ya in the funny papers

If you are an avid reader of the comics in the newspapers, as I am, you will have likely noticed while some of your favorites have addressed the topical topic of the COVID pandemic within their panels, others have remained blissfully ignorant as a deadly disease has pretty much turned planet earth on its head this past year.
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Censure taken — Michael Jones

COLUMBUS — The Platte County Republican Party voted unanimously to censure Ben Sasse for his recent actions and behaviors associated with his ongoing feud with the Nebraska Republican Party. Also noted was his ineffectiveness in his duties as a U.S. Senator representing Nebraska due to spending an inordinate amount of time on these clashes.
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OPINION: Michael Jones — A simple poke in the arm

Most likely by the time you read this I will have had my second COVID vaccine, which was administered at the local health department here in Gaylord. I, like millions and millions of other folks across the globe who have been vaccinated, have not died and have not had our minds taken over in some nefarious plot by Bill Gates to control and depopulate the world.
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Michael Jones elected next president of Madison Teachers Inc.

MADISON, Wis. — Madison West High School teacher Michael Jones was elected Friday the next president of Madison Teachers Incorporated. According to a Facebook post from the teachers’ union, the general election happened this week, starting on Monday and finishing on Friday. East High’s Amy Garvoille and Leopold’s Michele Ritt...
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Michael Jones

Michael Joaquin Jones, a resident of Breckenridge, Texas, returned to Heaven on January 20, 2021. The meaning of the name Michael is “A Gift from God,” and for those fortunate enough to know Michael, it was a very apt name. Michael was a man of God and faithful to his core. He loved his family dearly and above all else, his children were the center of his world, and he dedicated his life to caring for them. He lived a life of integrity, honor, service and love. Michael was a patriot, decorated Army Veteran and Airborne Ranger.
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How Michael Jones Changed Our Daily Lives

Last week, at his home in Sunnyvale, California, a man named Michael T. Jones died of cancer, at age 60. This past weekend the local San Jose Mercury-News ran an appreciation of him and summary of his career, which you. . He is mourned by the many friends he made...
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OPINION: Michael Jones — The eagle has landed (again)

A possum recently met its demise on the road in front of our house after coming in too close a contact with a pickup truck. These things happen out in the country — wildlife meeting up with human technology. The wildlife almost always come out on the short end of this encounter.