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'Rutherford Falls' Season 2 Review: Ed Helms Is Back, But Michael Greyeyes & Jana Schmieding Steal the Show

“People love a redemption story. Well, a white redemption story.” When people look back at the wonderful series that is Rutherford Falls, a show overflowing with great lines, this will be one of the many that stand out. Delivered by a consistently great Michael Greyeyes as the tactful Terry, it could be far-too-easily forgotten as being a quick little joke among the litany of one-liners that make the show so endlessly funny. However, it is also so much more than that as it cuts through both the show’s own story and narrative conventions writ large. A playful pillorying of how we expect stories like this to go, it is more than just a wink to the audience. Rather, it becomes a sharp thesis statement that the show delicately unravels over the course of Season 2. It all manages to leap above the high bar set by the first, landing on something both raucously funny and reflective. Each joke is packed full of meaning that explodes into interesting places that never fall into any tropes, pushing back against our expectations to great comedic effect. Sharp writing ensures it remains as refreshing as ever, reaching new comedic heights that challenge the form itself.
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Fear TWDs Sydney Lemmon and Michael Greyeyes in Firestarter reboot

Fear the Walking Dead actors Sydney Lemmon and Michael Greyeyes star in the Blumhouse reboot of Stephen King’s novel adaptation, Firestarter (2022), available in theaters and on Peacock. This is the third of King’s adaptations to receive a modern makeover following Pet Semetary and IT, whose 80s versions have been rebooted.
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Michael Greyeyes was “low-key terrified" with his Rutherford Falls role because he had never played a "fully empowered Indigenous man" before

Although Greyeyes was excited for his role, he admits some trepidation because his Terry Thomas character was something he had considered outside his wheelhouse. “I recognized quite quickly that (co-creator and showrunner Sierra Teller Ornelas) and the writers had created a fully empowered Indigenous man,” Greyeyes tells Vanity Fair. “I thought to myself, With Terry, I can’t use some of the old ways of working. I’ve had a wonderful career. I’ve played a lot of broken men, and there are a lot of beautiful textures in those characters. But what was interesting about Terry is that he is not broken. He’s actually whole. I had to work more quickly. And I couldn’t use any of the previous roots that I knew—what is a character’s dysfunction, where’s that from, how does that manifest itself?” Ornelas says she thought of Designing Women’s Julia Sugarbaker in coming up with the Terry Thomas character. She particularly looked at how ensemble shows like Designing Women and A Different World would regularly gave key characters meaty speeches dissecting social and cultural issues. “There would be a dense topic that they would take and analyze with comedy and humor and lightness,” says Ornelas. “I just always loved those moments, and I thought, If you could find a way to do that in the present day, wouldn’t that be so fun?”
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Why Michael Greyeyes Was “Low-Key Terrified” to Do Something Brand New on Rutherford Falls

Don Draper of Mad Men; Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation; Terry Thomas of Rutherford Falls: all are driven TV characters who end up as the center of gravity in whatever room they’re in. Terry, a casino CEO with big dreams played by Michael Greyeyes, is also part of a TV lineage that includes, according to Rutherford Falls cocreator and showrunner Sierra Teller Ornelas, Designing Women’s Julia Sugarbaker.

Michael Greyeyes: “I’ve been preparing for Wild Indian my whole life”

In the drama movie Wild Indian, Michael Greyeyes plays Makwa, an Indigenous man who, after years of abuse and trauma, struggles with the anger that burns inside him. Directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine, Jr, the thriller movie examines internalised racism as it affects Indigenous communities across decades. Opposite Greyeyes is...

Michael Greyeyes Earns Two Gotham Award Nominations

Reservation Dogs and the cast of The Harder They Fall also will be recognized at the Nov. 29 awards ceremony. Our congratulations go out to Canadian Plains Cree actor and C&I reader favorite Michael Grayeyes, who was honored twice Thursday when The Gotham Film & Media Institute announced nominations for the 31st Annual Gotham Awards. In the Outstanding Lead Performance category, he was nominated for his riveting portrayal of a Native American businessman desperate to hide all traces of his violent past in the indie drama Wild Indian. He received his second nomination in the Outstanding Lead Performance in a New Series category for his deft balance of disarming charm and brutal bluntness as a casino owner and community activist in the Peacock sitcom Rutherford Falls.

Michael Greyeyes stars in Oklahoma-made 'Wild Indian,' 'Rutherford Falls'

Michael Greyeyes feels grateful for the times he gets to wear a jacket and tie at work. "For the past few years, I've been really excited about my contemporary characters. I've done my share period films, but I'm really much more interested in telling contemporary stories. So, I've been fortunate that I've been able to find those roles," Greyeyes said.

Wild Indian: Exclusive Clip and Poster for Michael Greyeyes & Jesse Eisenberg Thriller

ComingSoon is excited to debut an exclusive clip and the poster for Vertical Entertainment’s Wild Indian. Written and directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr., the thriller stars Michael Greyeyes, Chaske Spencer, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kate Bosworth. The film is out September 3 in select theaters and on demand, and focuses on the coverup of a murder and the aftermath that follows.

Incredible Actor Michael Greyeyes Just Signed A Deal With Blumhouse

Blumhouse is looking to get into the Michael Greyeyes business, and who could blame them? Every time Greyeyes shows up in a film or series he raises the project's quality by at least a star or two. Whether it's a leading part or a walk-on role, Greyeyes is quickly establishing himself as a character actor to be reckoned with.

‘Firestarter’s Michael Greyeyes Signs First-Look Deal With Blumhouse

EXCLUSIVE: We have learned that actor and director Michael Greyeyes has inked a first look deal to develop film projects with Blumhouse. Greyeyes stars in Blumhouse/Weed Road Pictures/Universal’s upcoming re-imagination of Stephen King’s Firestarter as Rainbird, a relentless powerful man who has been pushed into a violent life. Keith Thomas is directing the pic off Scott Teems’ script who will also EP. Greyeyes received rave reviews from critics for his gripping portrayal of Makwa/Michael, in Wild Indian, the feature debut by writer/director Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr, which premiered in competition at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film will be released theatrically and...

Michael Greyeyes: 1998 Cover Story

First as a ballet dancer, then as an actor, this hot new star goes beyond stereotypes. For a while, around the time of Dances With Wolves, the most-talked-about Native American actor in Hollywood was Rodney A. Grant. Then, around the time of The Last of the Mohicans and Geronimo, it became Wes Studi. Now...the actor to know about is Michael Greyeyes.

Intense Trailer for Dramatic Thriller WILD INDIAN Starring Michael Greyeyes

An intense trailer has been released for the dramatic thriller Wild Indian, starring Michael Greyeyes as a man with a dark past that is catching up to him. He is joined in the cast by Chaske Spencer, Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth, Lisa Cromarty, and Hilario Garcia III. The film is written and directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr..

'Wild Indian' Trailer: Michael Greyeyes Is Quietly Terrifying in New Thriller

Michael Greyeyes is a longtime character actor best known for his roles on series such as Fear the Walking Dead and the current Peacock comedy Rutherford Falls, but it was the HBO shows True Detective and I Know This Much Is True that forced me to sit up and ask "who is that guy?" So when he turned out to be the lead in a Sundance movie titled Wild Indian, I wasn't the least bit surprised, because the 54-year-old Naive American actor had certainly paid his dues and earned the opportunity the hard way.

‘Wild Indian’ Trailer: The Past Bites Back In A New Drama With Michael Greyeyes, Jesse Eisenberg & More

The past comes back to haunt one man in the new trailer for “Wild Indian.” Years after covering up his classmate’s murder and holding in that secret, Michael has moved off his reservation and started a new life with his wife, son, and a new job. But when the one person who knows his secret reemerges in his life, Michael has to do what he can to protect his new life.

Preview: Michael Greyeyes in Wild Indian

The powerful drama written and directed by Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. will be available in limited theatrical release and on streaming platforms Sept. 3. Michael Greyeyes is so damn good in Wild Indian that it’s almost scary. Of course, that’s altogether appropriate, considering how he’s supposed to be scary while playing a man bent on keeping a tight lid on his rage, and not always succeeding. It’s a mesmerizing performance, one that should start generating awards-season buzz real soon.

Official Trailer For WILD INDIAN Starring Michael Greyeyes

Tags: Chaske Spencer, Hilario Garcia III, Jesse Eisenberg, Kate Bosworth, Lisa Cromarty, Michael Greyeyes, Wild Indian. Vertical has released this official trailer for WILD INDIAN which arrives in select theaters and on demand September 3rd. Directed by: Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. Written by: Lyle Mitchell Corbine Jr. Starring: Michael Greyeyes,...
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Michael Greyeyes in Acclaimed Drama 'Wild Indian' Official Trailer

"Seems like you know who I am." Vertical has released an official trailer for Wild Indian, an acclaimed indie drama from the 2021 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It also played at the Palm Springs Film Festival where it won a "Directors to Watch" award. Sundance's intro: "[it] tells a story that spans centuries and the continent in a film destined to be a touchstone in Indigenous cinema. Leading an impressive cast, Michael Greyeyes delivers a gripping, enigmatic performance as a modern Native American man who has done terrible, unforgivable things. With a strong and compelling visual style that evokes both fascination and dread, Wild Indian considers the cost of survival in a world as cruel as our own." Two men learn to confront a traumatic secret they share involving the savage murder of a schoolmate. The film stars Michael Greyeyes, Chaske Spencer, Jesse Eisenberg, and Kate Bosworth. Looks like another good discovery.