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Live Politics latest news: Delay beyond July 19 would require 'unprecedented and remarkable' change in Covid, says Michael Gove

Something "unprecedented and remarkable" would have to happen to delay the new roadmap date of July 19 further, Michael Gove has said. The Cabinet Office minister reiterated Boris Johnson's phrase from last night's press conference, saying July 19 would be "the terminus date", but appeared to go further in his insistence that this was the last gasp for lockdown.
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Boris Johnson ‘would never risk UK’s health’ for a Brexit trade deal photo-op with India, Michael Gove claims

Boris Johnson would "never put the health of the country at risk" for a trade deal photo opportunity with India, Michael Gove has claimed.The Cabinet minister's defence of the prime minister comes after Labour accused the PM of delaying action to stop travel from the country for fear of disrupting trade talks and ruining a planned photo-op.Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth on Tuesday morning claimed that “rather than red listing this [new Delta] variant, we essentially gave it the red carpet treatment as 20,000 people were allowed to arrive from India over a number of weeks in April, even though...
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We proved in the high court that Michael Gove broke the law. So what happens now?

Shut out the noise and the story is a simple one. The pandemic was starting to hit. To manage public health, government needed to influence public behaviour. To influence public behaviour it needed to understand how different health messages would land. To understand how messages would land it needed feedback from focus groups. And getting focus groups meant getting external help.
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Michael Gove broke law over Covid contract for friends of Dominic Cummings, court rules

The High Court has ruled that the government’s award of a coronavirus contract to a market research company whose bosses were friends of government adviser Dominic Cummings was unlawful.Anti-corruption campaign group the Good Law Project won its case against Michael Gove’s Cabinet Office over the payment of more than £500,000 of taxpayers’ money to Public First at the outset of the coronavirus crisis in March 2020.The ruling comes after the same group won a case against health secretary Matt Hancock in February this year over his failure to observe transparency requirements in regard to the spending of “vast sums...

We preferred working with Michael Gove say EU diplomats

Brussels misses dealing with Michael Gove, EU sources said as they accused David Frost of stoking up Unionist anger at the Northern Ireland Protocol. Lord Frost took over responsibility for negotiations with the EU over the Protocol from his fellow Cabinet member in February, amid growing fears that Mr Gove was too soft on Brussels.
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Labour’s Alison McGovern criticises Michael Gove over lack of self-isolation

Shadow sports minister Alison McGovern has criticised the fact Government minister Michael Gove will not have to self-isolate in the same way ordinary fans must after the Champions League final. Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, had gone to Porto with his son to watch the Champions League...
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Michael Gove pinged by NHS app after trip to Portugal

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has been notified through the NHS app that he has come into contact with someone with coronavirus following a trip to Portugal. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster had recently returned from Portugal after travelling there with his son to support Chelsea in the Champions League final with Manchester City.
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Michael Gove gets Covid alert after attending Champions League final in Portugal

Michael Gove had to abandon a meeting with Boris Johnson and devolved nation leaders after he was notified he may have come into contact with someone with Covid on his recent trip to Portugal.The Cabinet Office minister had gone to Porto with his son to watch the Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City last week.The Cabinet Office confirmed Mr Gove had been pinged by the NHS app on his mobile phone that he may have been in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.It is believed the contact happened on the flight home, according to reports.However, instead...
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Covid-19: UK open-minded on extending furlough says Michael Gove

The UK government is "open-minded" on SNP calls to extend furlough, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has said. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants the job support scheme extended "for as long as it is needed". The call came ahead of a virtual meeting between Boris Johnson and the three...