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'Love Victor' Star Michael Cimino Getting Death Threats for Playing Gay Role

Michael Cimino says he's catching tons of heat for playing a gay character in "Love, Victor" ... and he claims some haters are even threatening his life. Michael, who plays the title character in the Hulu romance series, says he's getting ripped by some people in the LGBTQ community for taking a gay role when he's straight in real life.

Michael Cimino has received homophobic comments from his family and death threats for ‘Con amor, Victor’

On June 18, the second season of ‘With love, Victor’ arrives at Disney +, the spin-off series of ‘With love, Simon’ focused on a gay boy who accepts his sexuality while dealing with the ballot of having to tell his family and friends. In the second season we will see how Victor deals with his “coming out of the closet” and how his parents, who are quite religious, take it especially.
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Love, Victor's Michael Cimino says he's received death threats for playing a gay character, plus hate from his own family

Cimino, who identifies as straight, tells the British magazine Attitude that he's received death threats from a minority in the LGBTQ community upset that a straight man is playing a gay role. Meanwhile, Cimino says he didn't expect to receive hate from his own family for playing a gay role. “I got some homophobic comments — I kind of expected that to happen. I didn’t expect it from my own family members, though," says Cimino. "Some of them reached out, saying, 'You used to be so cool; now you're so gay.' I chalk it up to ignorance. People have that programming and they often don’t have to evolve and try to push past that."

Love, Victor's Michael Cimino Premieres Debut Single 'Love Addict'!

Michael Cimino gave us a taste that he can sing in season two of Love, Victor, and how he’s branching out with his own music!. The 21-year-old just released his debut single “Love Addict,” along with the accompanying music video. Family Reunion star, and fellow singer, Talia Jackson co-stars as...
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‘Love, Victor’ star Michael Cimino on the ‘cool dynamic’ of Season 2

“Love, Victor” ramps up the drama in its Season 2 return to Hulu on Friday (June 11). “Season 1 is [Victor] coming to terms with his sexuality and discovering ‘This is what I have to do’ and coming out,” series star Michael Cimino, 21, told The Post. “This season is more like, ‘Now that I am an out gay man, what does that mean to me and what does that mean to the rest of the world?’
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Michael Cimino on what to expect in season 2 of 'Love, Victor'

"Love, Victor" star Michael Cimino is giving fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming season of the Hulu drama. Following the dramatic season one finale in which Victor (Cimino) came out to his parents, the actor says the storyline of the upcoming season will largely focus on how his character navigates his sexuality publicly and how his relationship with his parents evolves.
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‘Love, Victor’ Star Michael Cimino Set To Appear on ‘The Talk’

Season 2 of Love, Victor will premiere on Hulu in just over a week, and Michael Cimino (Victor) will appear on The Talk on June 4 to discuss the upcoming season. Love, Victor follows Victor Salazar, a high schooler whose life is flipped on its head when his family moves from Texas to Georgia. Victor must learn to adjust to a new city, along with his parents’ rocky marriage and learning about his sexual identity.