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Michael Brannigan: On mending, resilience, hope and strength

My good friend and author Diana Grillo recently sent me a picture of a bowl, once cracked, now mended by the Japanese art of kintsugi. Kintsugi, or kintsukoroi, literally means “gold repair.”. This art form originated in the fifteenth century. As the story goes, Shogun Yoshimasa Ashikaga (1436-1490) sent...
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Michael Brannigan: The key to finding the meaning of life, and meaning in life

Professor Susi Ferrarello’s final question to me for our podcast interview caught me off guard. It shouldn’t have. After all, it is the question in philosophy’s relentless pursuit of truth, what we pose to our students, what we all struggle to figure out. But wrapping it up in our final minutes? After some moments to myself, my response came naturally.
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Michael Brannigan: In troubled times, who we are shapes how we respond

There is no solid line of causation as to why certain cultures confront disasters in different ways. Our lingering pandemic purgatory is vivid proof. The COVID-19 disaster is not simply the event, the steady surge of the virus, but is an evolving, protracted multidimensional web of social, economic, political, biophysical forces undergirded by cultural values, beliefs, and worldviews.