Merck Mercuriadis


NMPA Chief: Merck Mercuriadis Is 'Dead Wrong' About Big Publishers (Guest Op-Ed)

Merck Mercuriadis has been in the news a lot lately. When he is talking about the immense value in songs and how songwriters are woefully undervalued, he is spot on. But when he accuses the largest music publishers of not advocating for songwriters, he is dead wrong. The record needs to be set straight.

Merck Mercuriadis: the mogul shaking up the music business

Few have shaken-up the music industry quite as effectively as Merck Mercuriadis, says The Guardian. In less than three years, the 57-year-old Canadian behind the Hipgnosis Songs Fund has become “the most disruptive force” in the business. London-listed Hipgnosis has been at the vanguard of the music rights gold rush – raising money from investors to acquire the intellectual property to popular songs.