Memphis Bleek


Memphis Bleek on a Jay-Z/Nas VERZUZ: “Nas Doesn’t Have Enough Songs”

Since VERZUZ debuted, Hip-Hop fans have created dream matchups. JAY-Z and Nas are one of those match-ups. Hov’s longtime right-hand man, Memphis Bleek, sat with Scoop B and when that battle was mentioned, Bleek stated Nas should not want that battle. “Nas don’t have enough songs to compete,” Bleek said....

Memphis Bleek Explains Why He Thinks A Jay-Z And Nas Verzuz Is Out Of The Question

In all of the furor over many of the Verzuz battles over the past year and a half, one potential matchup has been posed more than almost any other for obvious reasons: Jay-Z vs. Nas. However, it’s also the one that seems unlikeliest — both for, again, the obvious reasons (they are both incredibly busy with other things) and for some not-so-obvious ones. Longtime Jay-Z affiliate Memphis Bleek gave his own reason, however, and it’s got Twitter in a tizzy debating whether or not he might be right.