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Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye Describe Hardest Part of Raising Teens: Driving, Dating and More

Transitioning to teens! Melissa Joan Hart and Soleil Moon Frye have their work cut out for them raising teenagers. “Mine’s going to be driving in a few months and that’s the scariest,” the Hart, 45, exclusively told Us Weekly recently while promoting Heluva Good!’s Best FriendsDIP Line. “I let him drive the other day with his permit, I let him take us just down the street, and I freaked out. My son was like, ‘You’re the worst. You’re terrible to be in the car with.’”
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Melissa Joan Hart Saved Her Sabrina the Teenage Witch Wardrobe — and She's Auctioning Outfits!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a quintessential '90s watch that delivered scarily good Halloween episodes, hilarious lines from a warlock-turned-cat, and some of the most bewitching style moments of the decade. In honor of National BFF Day and their partnership with Heluva Good! Dip, Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina Spellman, and Soleil Moon Frye, who played Sabrina's college best friend, Roxie King, reflected on some of their favorite screen style moments from the show, including the '60s-inspired outfits from "Beach Blanket Bizarro" in season five and the cheerleading outfits from "Really Big Season Opener" in season six.
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This Mantra Helps Melissa Joan Hart Find Adventure When Life Gets Dull

This video is part of Health's My Mantra series. Follow along with new videos on our Instagram page and share your own words of wisdom using #MantraMonday. You would never guess that actress, producer, and director Melissa Joan Hart was such a daredevil, and it's all because of the to the point mantra she uses to guide her life: be fearless.
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Melissa Joan Hart wants to help moms with some simple advice

Melissa Joan Hart shares her mom tricks that streamline her choices. As a busy mom of three boys, Melissa Joan Hart understands that life might not always go as planned. Even with the best intentions, the days seem to fly by with a flurry of activity. Still, she has found a few ways to have everyone tackle that ever-growing to-do list.

Melissa Joan Hart Is a Carbon Copy of Her Mom in Throwback IG Photo

Melissa Joan Hart's Instagram photo is taking us back to her early Clarissa days. The teen sitcom star recently posted a throwback family pic of her siblings and parents, complete with colorful prairie dresses. In the caption, she wrote, "The early days! Just before Clarissa began, just before the divorce, just after our beloved Nanny died. Things change, but love stays the same!"
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Will the 'Clarissa Explains It All' Reboot Happen? Melissa Joan Hart Tells All (EXCLUSIVE)

In the last decade, a number of millennial-favorite sitcoms have made much-awaited returns to TV — Full House, Boy Meets World, and Saved By the Bell are only a few 90s favorites that received spinoffs 20 or so years later. However, there have been quite a few rumored reboots that unfortunately never came to fruition, such as Lizzie McGuire and Clarissa Explains It All.

How I Travel: Melissa Joan Hart Tells Off Fellow Plane Passengers

We peek into the airport routines and bizarre quirks of the world's most well-traveled people. If you’re of a certain age, Melissa Joan Hart has likely been charming you from a small screen your entire life. She was the coolest tween on the block in Clarissa Explains It All, then the most magical teen at school in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. With about a million more projects in the middle, she is now the queen of Lifetime’s Christmas movies—this year, she stars in Dear Christmas and directed Feliz NaviDad. In the middle of filming (and, lest anyone forgets, in a pandemic), she also moved with her husband and three sons to Nashville.