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‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Provides Major Health Update in New Post

Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert is letting her fans know about a pretty big health update for the classic TV star. Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on the NBC family drama, speaks of her health tests. In fact, she said that due to some changes in her diet, Gilbert’s cholesterol mark has dropped 30 points. We think that’s pretty good, too. But Gilbert also lets her fans know that the tests are still ongoing. Pretty soon, they will not only involve her but her husband, actor Tim Busfield. We will let Gilbert herself tell you all about it in this lengthy Instagram post.
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Melissa Gilbert Reveals Never-Before-Seen Pictures From ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Set

Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie takes “throwback Thursday” to heart with these old-school photos from the show. Gilbert’s character, Laura Ingalls, is so beloved by viewers to this day. In fact, she still digs playing the role on the NBC drama. You can tell that memories from the days on the show’s set are some of her most cherished moments. In this selection of pictures, you’ll be able to see a sweet one of Michael Landon at the end. While it’s been many years since Landon died, Gilbert loves her costar to this very day. Enjoy the views that she shares with all of us.

‘Little House on the Prairie’s Melissa Gilbert Posts Funny Parody Version of Show’s Iconic Intro

A lot of Little House on the Prairie fans know how the show opens up all the time with Melissa Gilbert coming down a hill. Well, we have something quite interesting for you. Have you ever seen an animal mimic her? You will not believe your eyes here. Gilbert herself shared this clip on Saturday. We do know that it’s named Winston. See this for yourself, Little House fans. You might not see the iconic show introduction in the same light ever again.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Posts Sweet Photos From Family Visit at ‘The Cabbage’

It looks like it proved to be a good time at the home of Little House on the Prairie classic TV star Melissa Gilbert this weekend. On Sunday, Gilbert shared some sweet photos of a family visit to “The Cabbage.” It’s a name that she lovingly calls her home that she shares with her husband, actor Tim Busfield. Gilbert refers to Busfield in this Instagram post. There’s obviously a love connection taking place between dog Chicago and her son. His name? Michael Garrett Boxleitner from her marriage to actor Bruce Boxleitner. As the story goes, the young man was named Michael in honor of his mom’s longtime costar and friend, Michael Landon.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert: Everything to Know About Her Husband Tim Busfield

Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert has spent the last decade of her life reinventing herself. And all the while, her husband Tim Busfield has been standing adoringly by her side. But while he may appear to be a regular guy like us, he’s actually a celebrity in his own right. Here’s everything to know about the classic TV icon’s leading man.

‘Little House on the Prairie’: Melissa Gilbert Explained Why These Two Episodes Are So Relevant Today

When it comes to classic TV shows and their relevance to modern-day issues, Little House on the Prairie should be considered. Of course, the NBC family drama starring Michael Landon provided a mixture of tenderness and challenging times. Things were not always easy for the Ingalls in and around Walnut Grove. Yet Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls, remembers lessons learned on the show. In fact, she would recall two episodes in particular that are relevant today. She would talk about them during a virtual group interview as part of GalaxyCon in 2021. Among other cast members, Gilbert appeared with Alison Arngrim, who played Nellie Oleson, and Dean Butler. He played Almanzo Wilder, who would eventually marry Laura.

‘Little House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Gilbert Reveals Favorite James Caan Role After His Passing

Like many people on Thursday, Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert shared her favorite role that starred James Caan. Gilbert offers up a not-so-surprising moment in the late actor’s incredible career. In 1971, Caan starred with Billy Dee Williams in the TV movie Brian’s Song. The movie dealt with the sad, tragic story of the death of Chicago Bears player Brian Piccolo. But the work between Caan and Williams still brings some fans to tears all these years later. As you can tell, Gilbert thought enough of this Caan classic to mention it on Instagram.

Melissa Gilbert Honors 'Pa' Michael Landon on 31st Anniversary of His Death: 'I Am Aching for Him'

Thirty-one years to the day that Little House on the Prairie star Michael Landon died of pancreatic cancer at age 54, Melissa Gilbert is honoring her 'Pa.'. "Today is the 31st anniversary of the death of one of the most influential people in my life and I am so, so sad," the 58-year-old actress writes in a tribute essay for PanCAN, a charity that funds research, provides patient/caregiver support, conducts community outreach and advocates for increased federal research funding for those affected by the disease.

Melissa Gilbert Honors 'Little House on the Prairie' Patriarch Michael Landon on Milestone Anniversary

Little House on the Prairie star Melissa Gilbert is paying homage to her TV dad Michael Landon 31 years after he died from pancreatic cancer. Landon was 54 years old when he died in 1991. Landon starred as Charles Ingalls on the show, with Gilbert as one of his daughters, Laura. The show aired from 1974 to 1983 and followed the Ingalls family's simple farm life in Plum Creek, Minnesota, during the 1800s. Gilbert was just 10-years-old when she began playing on the show and served as the show's narrator. Their father-daughter relationship was just as close off-screen.