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“Foul smell” leads to dead body in Panama City Friday

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A body was discovered in Panama City Friday after construction workers in the area smelled a “foul odor.”. Panama City Police and crime scene detectives responded to the call near the 1100 block of Cypress Avenue around 5 P.M. Police spokesperson Ken McVay said they’re investigating the death of a black male. McVay said with the foul smell, it’s hard to tell how long the body had been there. He said they’re still in the preliminary stages of the investigation and are preserving the scene.
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Christian terrorist who mowed down Muslim family ‘was laughing’ as he got out of blood covered truck

The alleged Christianterrorist who mowed down a Muslim family was laughing as he got out of his blood covered truck, according to a witness.Four members of a Canadian immigrant family were left dead and one hospitalised after Nathaniel Veltman, 20, allegedly crashed his vehicle into them deliberately as they took a walk.A taxi driver was taking a coffee break when the suspect pulled up in his black truck and told him to call the police as he had just killed someone, Yellow Taxi London president Hassan Savehilaghi told The Free Press on the driver’s behalf.The pickup driver was wearing...
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The Queen insisted she use a sword to cut a cake and Kate couldn’t stop laughing

If you’ve got the opportunity to cut a cake with a giant ceremonial sword, then, of course, you’re going to take it – and that’s exactly what the Queen did in Cornwall on Friday.The monarch cut the cake at the Eden Project, during an event for The Big Lunch initiative and its celebration of “community connections”.The Queen’s insistence at using a sword to slice the cake was just the latest cheeky moment from Her Majesty after she asked world leaders attending the G7 summit if they are “supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourselves”.As she was handed...
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Passengers and crew scramble to restrain man attempting to open door of Delta flight

Witnesses have described the terrifying moment crew asked for ‘strong men’ to help subdue a passenger who tried to open a door on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta.An eyewitness said on Twitter that passenger grabbed the public addresss system in the front galley and made an announcement telling others to take their seats and to be prepared to put on their oxygen masks, before attempting to force open the door.Someone tried hijacking our plane from LAX to ATL— AB (@alifuckingburns) June 12, 2021The passenger appeared to be wearing an orange life jacket.In response, flight attendants asked...

Westmark of Skagway sells ATCO employee housing to Haines trailer park

The old ATCO housing units for the Westmark Hotel in Skagway were two long modular buildings across Spring street from the hotel. They were the first homes for many Skagway residents and seasonal employees. This week, new ownership began disassembling and preparing to ship one of the buildings to Haines to become low-cost housing in Eagle’s Nest Trailer Park.
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Farmers Markets open in Nodaway County

With the start of summer, two farmers markets are open in Nodaway County on Saturdays. Crow Timber Pickings and Produce is taking place in Ravenwood. At the fire station and on West Hawk Street, the market is from 8 am to whenever on Saturdays. Setup is free, the vendor must provide all amenities and locations are on a first come, first served basis.
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Florida Republicans Pass Restrictive Voting Laws

Consistent with efforts by Republicans around the U.S. after President Biden’s seven million vote victory over Donald Trump, Republicans in Florida have passed legislation to restrict the ease of voting. The legislation passed largely along party lines with only one Florida Republican voting against. The new laws will add ID requirements for absentee ballots, limit the use of voting drop […]