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Megan Ellison Asks $12.5 Million for Beverly Hills Rehab

Click here to read the full article. She was born with a double-dipped and diamond encrusted platinum spoon in her mouth, but software heiress Megan Ellison has nonetheless made a big name for herself in Hollywood as a prolific producer of artsy, critically acclaimed independent films. After her first film credit, as a boom operator in a 2005 short film written by her brother David Ellison, who has also gone one to become a film producer of some repute, she began a rocket-fueled ascent to the pinnacles of Hollywood film producer-dom. It didn’t hurt, of course, that her bazillionaire father,...

Producer Megan Ellison accuses Scott Rudin of 'abusive, racist and sexist behavior'

Another person who worked with acclaimed producer Scott Rudin is speaking out about his alleged "abusive, racist and sexist behavior." Annapurna Pictures founder Megan Ellison took to Twitter on Wednesday to boost the claims made against Rudin by former staffers, who claimed to The Hollywood Reporter that he physically and mentally abused people under his employ and wasn’t shy about maliciously targeting the careers of up-and-coming producers who crossed him.

Megan Ellison Slams Scott Rudin’s ‘Abusive, Racist, and Sexist Behavior’ Following THR Exposé

Annapurna Pictures founder and film producer Megan Ellison took to social media to condemn Scott Rudin’s “abusive, racist, and sexist behavior” following an exposé published by The Hollywood Reporter on Rudin’s long history of toxic bullying and abuse in the workplace. Ellison and Rudin worked together on Joel and Ethan Coen’s “True Grit,” which earned 10 Oscar nominations. Rudin was a producer, and thus a Best Picture nominee, while Ellison was an executive producer.

Annapurna’s Megan Ellison Says New Report About Producer Scott Rudin’s Abusive Behavior “Barely Scratches The Surface”

Earlier today, we touched on a new THR report that profiled the alleged years of abusive behavior that superstar producer Scott Rudin has perpetrated against colleagues and employees. The profile also goes a long way to explain how this is not news to many people who have worked in the industry, as there have been written reports about accusations over the years, with a lot of it being swept under the rug because Rudin is also a producer that works with some of the biggest, most respected talent in Hollywood. But in light of the #MeToo movement, Time’s Up, and various other campaigns to call out bad behavior in film and TV, the most recent profile of Rudin’s exploits is gaining traction, thanks in no small part to corroborating comments from folks like Megan Ellison.