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Max Mosley: Godfather of Formula One who transformed racing

Max Mosley, who has died of cancer aged 81, led a colourful life. He was born the son of British Union of Fascists (BUF) leader Sir Oswald Mosley, masterminded a transformation of the high-octane sport of motor racing, and successfully sued the News of the World after it published lurid allegations about him.His charm and legal brain combined with the streetwise negotiating skills of Bernie Ecclestone to form a partnership. As bosses of Formula One, they turned the sport into a commercial giant, implemented better safety standards on the track, and helped Mosley to liberate himself from his family background.Max...
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Max Mosley the racer: his F2 career that shaped safety crusade

The late Max Mosley’s first racing wish was the usual one: to become Formula 1 world champion. He would get as far as Formula 2 – and there in short order bear witness to enough danger and death to forever colour the majority/more notable aspect of his motorsporting career. On...
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Power: The key to comprehending the enigma that was Max Mosley

Max Rufus Mosley, who died aged 81 on Sunday after a long battle against blood cancer, assumed the presidency of FISA, then the sporting arm of the FIA, in October 1991 – at a time when the parent body’s various election timetables found themselves out of sync by two years. Jean-Marie Balestre, then president of the FIA and FISA, had stood down following a heart bypass operation, then sought re-election.

Former FIA President Max Mosley Dies at 81

Max Mosley, the former FIA president and a controversial figure for much of his life—for different reasons—died today at the age of 81. Mosley led the FIA as its president from 1993 until 2009. Jean Todt has served as the president of the organization since 2009. Todt tweeted about Mosley's legacy today on Twitter.

Former FIA boss Max Mosley has died

Max Mosley, best-known in the automotive world for his long-standing presidency of motorsport’s governing body, the FIA, has died at the age of 81. He had been ill for some time but kept his plight private. Together with Formula One’s erstwhile commercial rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone, Mosley helped transform Formula One from a rather ramshackle niche sport into a slick, billion-pound global behemoth. “It’s like losing family, like losing a brother, Max and I,” Ecclestone said. “He did a lot of good things not just for motor sport, but also the [car] industry. He was very good in making sure people built cars that were safe.”

Max Mosley in his own words

Max Mosley: author. It's yet another title for a man who can already be called son of Sir Oswald Mosley and Diana Mitford; barrister; racing driver; F1 team owner; F1 prime mover; close associate of Bernie Ecclestone; president of the FIA; driving force behind the life-saving Euro NCAP; scourge of scurrilous newspapers and their unscrupulous methods.

Obituary: Max Mosley, 1940-2021

But that shouldn't divert attention from the huge impact he made on motorsport over the decades. Mosley helped Bernie Ecclestone to build Formula 1 into the commercial giant that we know today, and as FIA president he reformed and modernised the organisation and relentlessly pursued safety improvements throughout the sport. He also pushed to improve road safety, a campaign that has saved countless lives worldwide.

Sir Frank: I will be forever grateful to Max Mosley

While modern Formula 1 may not know much about Max Mosley, the older generation most certainly do as does Sir Frank Williams, a man who owes a great deal to the late former FIA President. Mosley. who passed away this week, was always a controversial figure, but his love and...
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Former Formula One boss Max Mosley dies aged 81

Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One's governing body, has died at the age of 81 after suffering from cancer, his family said on Monday. "The family of Max Mosley can confirm that he died last night after a long battle with cancer. They ask to be allowed to grieve in private," a family statement said.

Former Formula One Chief Max Mosley Has Died Aged 81

Former Formula One chief Max Mosely has died aged 81. The news of the ex-president of the FIA's death was confirmed by Bernie Ecclestone to BBC Sport. He said: "It's like losing family, like losing a brother, Max and I. "He did, a lot of good things not just for...

Max Mosley obituary: A dizzying intellect; an intimidating man

Max Mosley, who has died aged 81, was one of the most influential and important figures in motorsport over the last half-century - and also among the most controversial. With a brilliant intellect and a devious, sometimes malicious mind, he was arguably better suited to a career in politics. But...

Former motorsport boss Max Mosley dies at 81

Max Mosley, the British racing driver who went on to run motorsport and become a prominent privacy campaigner, has died aged 81. This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.