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Tom Brady roasts Max Kellerman on sixth anniversary of horrendous ‘cliff’ take

Some takes age better than others, and as Max Kellerman knows six years later, his bold assessment of Tom Brady didn’t exactly go the route of a fine wine. Back in 2016, the ESPN personality, 48, declared that Brady was “just about done” on “First Take” as the then-Patriots quarterback was entering his 17th season in the league. Among the niceties, Kellerman proclaimed Brady “is going to fall off a cliff,” and that he would be “a bum in short order.” Well, the only thing that has changed between now and then is the three Super Bowl rings Brady has added to...
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Tom Brady Responds To Max Kellerman: NFL World Reacts

Six years ago today, ESPN analyst Max Kellerman said Tom Brady was going to "fall off a cliff" in his NFL career. "Tom Brady is just about done. It could be his next game he plays, it could be a year from now, but he is going to fall off a cliff," Kellerman said on First Take. "Tom Brady is going to be a bum in short order."

Tom Brady dunks on Max Kellerman on "cliff" take anniversary

BOSTON -- If you mentioned the name Max Kellerman in New England from 2016 to 2018, you would have inspired a whole lot of rage. In the years since, the name has only inspired laughs -- and a clown sign or two.The origin of that story, of course, came when Kellerman declared in full confidence in the summer of 2016 that Brady was "just about done," that he would be "a bum in short order," and that he "is going to fall off a cliff." As the world knows now -- and as many knew then -- Kellerman was wrong....

Tom Brady Crushes Max Kellerman For Awful Prediction He Made 6 Years Ago

Six year ago today, ESPN's Max Kellerman made one of the worst sports predictions of all-time. Kellerman, who was previously a co-host on ESPN's First Take, predicted six years ago that Brady would never win another Super Bowl. He then took things a step further and said he's was on the verge of becoming a "bum."

Tom Brady roasts ESPN's Max Kellerman for terrible prediction

Tom Brady thrives off people doubting him or making bad predictions about his decline. One ESPN personality found that out the hard way on Thursday. Barstool Sports shared a video of Max Kellerman on ESPN’s “First Take” from July 28, 2016, exactly six years ago to the day. Kellerman is seen predicting that Brady is “just about done” and about to “fall off a cliff” and “be a bum in short order.” Brady took notice of the clip and made sure to share it, all while tagging Kellerman in the tweet and pointing out that the quarterback now has a swimwear line, too.

Max Kellerman Likes Idea of LeBron James Coaching Lakers

The dominant topic of discussion in the days before the NBA playoffs truly begin is who will replace Frank Vogel as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. It'll be a lengthy process but the team wants to get somebody in place before the draft in June, so we have a rough timeline. Since these are the Lakers, they will probably shoot for the stars (as recent reports about their desire for Nick Nurse suggest) and end up with somebody like Mark Jackson.

Max Kellerman On Career Comparisons Between LeBron James And Michael Jordan: "LeBron Had To Slay The Monster In A Way That MJ Really Didn't Have To. But That's Because MJ Was The Monster."

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are and will be compared for many years. These two are considered the greatest players of all time, regardless of the order, Many fans have tried to make a case for each of them, convincing absolutely zero people about changing their minds on the GOAT debate.