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‘Dateline’ examines murder of Maurizio Gucci

(NBC News) — On Friday’s “Dateline,” insiders close to the Gucci family are speaking out for the first time on network TV about the murder of Maurizio Gucci, the former CEO and third-generation scion of the fashion empire. “Dateline” goes inside the investigation that exposed how the family’s business was...
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How Patrizia Reggiani Became La Vedova Nera—The Black Widow—and Had Maurizio Gucci Killed

Maurizio Gucci’s father hated his girlfriend from the moment he learned about her. He’d heard she was an uncouth social climber, a party girl who came to class wearing tiny cocktail dresses and fur coats from the night before. The doomed heir was 22 years old and still living at home, but one of the most eligible bachelors in Italy. His father was extremely protective because Maurizio was his only child, and Maurizio’s mother had died when he was five; it was just the two men together for 17 years—until Patrizia Reggiani came along.
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The Real House of Gucci: Who Is Patrizia Reggiani, and Why Did She Order The Hit On Maurizio Gucci?

The first time Sara Forden interviewed Italian socialite Patrizia Reggiani, she was in her penthouse, climbing the walls. It was 1993, and Reggiani had invited Forden—then the Milan Bureau Chief for Women’s Wear Daily—to sit down with her at her luxury apartment overlooking the fashion capital’s Piazza San Babila. “Patrizia was on a personal campaign to discredit and destroy Maurizio and had reached out to various media outlets for interviews,” Forden said, referring to Reggiani’s ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, who was head of the famed fashion house at the time. “The interview was pure vitriol: Patrizia was in a phase where she was worried that Maurizio was going to lose the company. She attacked him up and down. It was pretty intense.”

How The Murder Of Maurizio Gucci Rocked The World Of High Fashion

Maurizio Gucci was gunned down on orders of his embittered ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani on the steps of his Milan office on March 27, 1995. A scion to the Italian fashion empire, Maurizio Gucci had it all. He was raised in luxury only to take charge of the world-renowned brand and marry a fiery socialite. As chronicled in Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, the ambitious heir would not only lose all control over the company — but be murdered at the behest of his own wife, Patrizia Reggiani.

Maurizio Gucci Remembered

MILAN — A murder, money, revenge, fortune-tellers, a hit man, a scorned wife and the enduring allure of the Gucci brand. There’s enough material for a blockbuster movie. Fast-forward some 25 years, and a film is indeed being made, with images from the “House of Gucci” movie directed by Ridley Scott starting to circulate.