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Perry Mason Star Matthew Rhys Previews Season 2

Season 2 of Perry Mason is coming soon and Matthew Rhys is already gearing up. The star talked to Deadline about the next bunch of episodes. HBO Max renewed the series in the summer of 2020. A lot of fans were surprised by the reboot. But, when the premiere episode manages to snare eight million viewers, it’s hard to argue with those kinds of numbers. There’s clearly a niche here and the creative team knows it. When asked about the upcoming filming, Rhys said, “That’s an ever-moving set of goalposts. It’s been moving steadily like an iceberg for some time. And I think we’re just basically looking at winter now.” So, buckle up, there’s more intrigue coming down the pipe this year. And that will be a formative time as the series now has Perry Mason in a spot more recognizable to longtime fans of the series.
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‘Perry Mason’ Star Matthew Rhys Talks Rotary Phones, Trilby Hats And Season 2

Matthew Rhys won the first Emmy of his career for his lead performance in The Americans, a drama set in 1980s D.C. He dialed back to an even earlier era for the latest role to put him into Emmy contention, as the titular character of the reimagined Perry Mason. The HBO series finds Mason in Depression-era Los Angeles, working unsavory cases as a private eye, well before achieving status as a crackerjack defense attorney. The show earned stellar ratings, prompting HBO to order a second season. As Rhys looks forward to resuming production, he discusses Mason, speaking Welsh to his son, and sprouting a lush beard.

Perry Mason: Matthew Rhys Says Season 2 Filming "Looking at Winter"

With HBO's award-winning, Matthew Rhys-starring Perry Mason lined up for a second season, viewers know that Eric Lange (Detective Holcomb) and Justin Kirk (Hamilton Berger) will be back as series regulars for the second season. Unfortunately, they also know that Tatiana Maslany's (She-Hulk, Orphan Black) Sister Alice will not be back, with her story arc (at least fr now) having wrapped during the premiere season. Now, Rhys is offering a few more details on the second season's themes and production- beginning with the reveal that filming is looking to kick off this winter after a slow build ("That's an ever-moving set of goalposts. It's been moving steadily like an iceberg for some time. And I think we're just basically looking at winter now") and that filming will be returning to Los Angeles ("We'll be back among the angels").

‘Death And Nightingales’ Trailer: Starz’s New Mini-Series About Love, Betrayal & Loss Stars Matthew Rhys, Ann Skelly & Jamie Dornan

How far would you go to escape your current life? A young woman faces daunting prospects for leaving her own world behind in “Death and Nightingales.” It’s a story that resonates on several levels, with rebellion, fighting to find your place, and even the burdens of family playing into the drama. The limited series is an adaptation of Eugene McCabe’s 1992 novel. While the project is new to American audiences, ‘Nightingales’ premiered to U.K. audiences in 2018.
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Watch Jamie Dornan, Matthew Rhys and Ann Skelly in Starz's trailer for 2018 limited series Death and Nightingales

The three-part limited series that originally premiered on Ireland's RTÉ One and BBC2 in November 2018 will finally make its American debut on May 16. Created by Allan Cubitt and based on Eugene McCabe's 1992 novel of the same name, Death and Nightingales is set in 1885 Northern Ireland and stars follows a woman named Beth over the tense 24-hour period surrounding her 23rd birthday as she decides to leave the home of her landowner stepfather, Billy, to start a new life with a charming man named Liam.